No Resolve

No Resolve

 Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

A loud melodic hard rock Detroit based band with catchy hooks and ear pleasing melodies. No Resolve is made of five different guys with five different sounds. The outcome of the music is very original and has a specific way of sticking out amongst the other music.


NO RESOLVE began in 2005, When singer Oscar Pegorraro set out to start a band. Oscar had been through extensive vocal training, and was formerly in a cover band. With his experience he had met the bassist James Rose, who possessed an amazing ability to pick up bass lines effortlessly due to his ear for music and his eclectic tastes. Through James came drummer Jon Vidal, a multi-instrumentalist who completed the backbone of NO RESOLVE. With lots of songs and ready to go the band picked up, Jason Hatmaker. A guitarist for years, Jason possesses talent and dedication, along with behind the scenes prowess. Through Oscar came John Wright who is a professional guitarist with years of not only live show experience, but years of being a guitar teacher as well. With these five members NO RESOLVE is making a strong name for themselves. Hailing from southeast Michigan, their influences are widespread. This range of influences is reflected in their music, with a diverse pallet of original material. The energy of their live shows is indisputable.


5 song E.P. - The Beginning

Trust Not - Banana 101.5
Take Me Home - Banana 101.5
Bleed - Banana 101.5
Interview acoustic set - Banana 101.5
Our name has been on every major radio station in the Detroit Metropolitan Area

Set List

Thirty minute sets generally consist of
Take Me Home
Trust Not
River Tracks
Never Let You Go
Caving in

We know to many covers to list... From The Beatles, To Incubus.
Other songs we can play
Don't Hide
Set It Off
Not Alone
Metaphysical Plain
Lunar Eclipse
Don't Call Me Crazy
Something Beautiful
Go Away