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Kennewick, Washington, United States | SELF

Kennewick, Washington, United States | SELF
Band Rock Acoustic


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"NoRest Rocks"

(NoRest) is the rockinst band I have ever seen. They rock hard, and they have the best singer in THE WORLD ! He can screeem like yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and THEY ROCK HARD ! - Craigslist


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NoRest is an alternative rock band from Kennewick,Washington, formed in 2009. The band member's are lead vocalist and guitarist Dave Ortiz, backing vocals and bassist Scott Anderson and vocals and drummer Lance Shaeffer.
NoRest is a local phenom. Three guys from different but the same backgrounds coming together to form a band that will rock your world.
Dave comes from a theatrical background, he traveled with a lesser known carnival as the bearded lady and the lion tamer. He was bitten by his lions and he never got over it. He now spends his time singing about his favorite lion, playing guitar and enjoys skipping rocks at the sewage treatment plant pool.
Scott spent his early years with a freak show following the same carnival as Dave. He performed under the name Scott Ferguson the Ultimate, the acts he loved to perform were as follows: Eating Fire,Performing Levitations and Mental Flossing the patrons. He now enjoys playing the bass guitar, listening to the wind and jumping rope on the corner.
Lance was a born into a family of affluence. He traveled the world and met many influential people that cannot and will not be named. He plays the drums with reckless abandon and a quiet tenderness. Lance enjoys playing the drums with golf balls in socks, running with scissors, and speaking at length to anyone and everyone.

This is the beginning of their story,

The story starts on a hot August night in a small town in the south. Dave was performing as the bearded lady and Scott was preparing to perform levitation's on the circus cats. Lance decided to attend the lesser known circus where they were performing. While sitting in the front row of the freak show he was amazed at Dave's skill as the bearded lady and Scott's ability to levitate the circus cats. He was so impressed that he decided to give up his status as an affluent son and join the circus. He worked as the Back up operator and Lube Tech assistant on the Tilt-A-whirl for three weeks and a day. During those that time there were many adventures and stories that are yet to be told. But, after three weeks and a day Lance went back to his affluent life of which we won't speak. Scott and Dave continued until a freak lightning storm caught their circus tent on fire and closed the circus. For years they lived their lives until a chance reunion at a local wine bar, The Roxy, in the fall of 2009. They renewed their friendship and started the band NoRest. That is their story ( do remember the story is in the mind of the teller),
Just three regular guys making music for your personal enjoyment and their love of music.

Thank you for listening to NoRest.