No Return

No Return


Pulling from different up bringings and musical taste the sound becomes very unified. Not letting one part stay in charge of the music we let each member stand out where we feel is right for the music. Overall the mix is summed up in System of a Down, Slipknot, Distrubed, Nirvana, and Default


The events that have taken place through the life of this band started rough. With five friends getting together to "form" a band they thought that the ticket had come, yet really it was a spark of a flame that was not fueled. Eventually narrowing down to just Andrew and Dustin things were seeming to die down when suddenly Mic decide to come back yet bringing a different flavor this time. After 6-8 months of rehearsing and writing music they finally started to rehearse with a drummer. After about a month they were officially a full band and are ready to perform.
Band Name History: That DAM Band, Abash, Point Blank, No Return
Songs that have been burried: Cost of a Good Soul, Ring of Fire, D.A.R.K., Tell Me
New Birth Songs: The Feeling Grows, Un-Abolished Life, Forever Alone, Ever


We have done some self-recordings of our own, but no actual sales or distribution. We are getting ready to cut a demo.

Set List

Originals: Forever Alone, The Feeling Grows, Un-Abolished Life, Ever

Covers: Aerials, Bounce, Wait and Bleed, Chop Suey, Sugar, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Pennyroyal Tea, Fade To Black