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Nori Bucci

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I write what comes from my heart; happiness, sorrow, anger, excitement, when I love, when I'm lost...when I find inner peace.....


As a child, Nori had a precocious interest in music. At the age of about 10, she developed an interest in playing the guitar. She taught herself to play by listening to her favorite records and picking out the songs by ear. At 16, she began to teach herself classical guitar, mastering many advanced techniques before ever taking a single lesson.
Nori also began trying her hand at composition in her teen years writing guitar based instrumental music, and short pieces for fingerstyle
 guitar. Over time, Nori's writing skills have become impressive through consistent self-study and determination, and has tackled a diverse range of musical styles such as folk, fusion, classical, rock and jazz with refreshing creativity. Nori’s latest CD "Tales of a Dream" takes the listener on a musical journey through dreams. Her debute, "Speak My Soul", offers a very heartfelt variety of original songs and instrumentals with memorable hooks and a beautiful melodic quality. Nori composes, performs and records all of her own music.
In 1994, Nori studied music theory with 
renowned Buffalo guitarist Tony Scozzaro. She attended Villa Maria College for music in 1996, studying with masters like James Kertzdorfer and Jeremy Sparks. She excelled in her work. In June of 2002, Nori was selected as one of five finalists in the "North American Rock Guitar Competition" and was awarded second place. Buffalo music critic Jeff Meyers wrote "Nori Bucci showed that she had the talent to take it all!". Other credits include ‘best rock guitarist’ at the Buffalo music awards, and a full-page article in the April issue of GUITAR PLAYER magazine.
Nori has performed with bands such as ‘Gamalon’ and Tribal Reign, and is part of the unique acoustic guitar duo, ‘Guitar Pirates’. She also performs solo, and is currently working on her third cd.


Let Me Dream

Written By: Nori Bucci

Instrumental Piece

Mask Of Kindness

Written By: Nori Bucci

Don't you know I can see through you? Your intentions are apparent in the things you do. You wear a mask of kindness, but your words are little knives. I no longer see a friend, there's too much anger in your eyes.

Life's been a struggle to set my spirit free. Still searching for a meaning and a friend is what I need. Emotions that you want from me, my heart just doesn't hold. I know your pride is injured, but please forgive my fragile soul.

A heart can be a lonely place, where emotions are kept in silent space. There's a butterfly cucooned inside, that cannot spread her wings to fly. The cold of an unforgiving heart, can make a life obscure and dark. So open up yourself to me, and I'll show you what a friend can be.

Jesus forgives, so why can't you? The human heart has too much pride to let forgiveness through. But more and more I lose the will to make this friendship work. You wear that mask of kindness and you're not the friend you were.


"Speak My Soul"
"Tales of a Dream"

Set List

Generally 2 sets, all original, of about 50 minutes each.