No Risk

No Risk


Fast, energetic, hard-hitting, politically charged, drug and alcohol drenched, catchy-as-hell songs with an equally exciting live performance describes No Risk.


From the South Jersey area, comes forth No Risk; a four piece energetic, fast paced, original punk band ready to take over the world. No Risk has been playing as a band for 3 years and have already made waves in the DIY punk scene. The band has already booked and played 2 Northeast Tours and 1 East Coast Tour. The four brother-like friends are looking to make the next step in their goal of world domination by currently booking their first US tour. With extreme talent, desire, and an amazing work ethic, this band will not be held down.
Here are some of the many highlights of No Risk's history:
-Self Released 'The Great Demise'
-Hand-made the first 350 copies
-Recorded at Soundmine Studios(BigWig,Punchline)

-Mean Green Zine Interview
-Ethic Magazine Interview
-Punk Rock Review Featured Artist
-'Shout outs' on punkradiocast. com

-PunkRockReview. org presents: Barfights and Broken Bottles
-Brotherly Shove Fest presents: Brotherly Shove Comp 2007
-Red Tide Records presents: Red Tide Comp 2007
-Delaware Local Shows presents: Delaware Shows Comp
-Punkbuttons. net presents: Punkbuttons. net Comp

-Origivation Magazine monthly ads

-played on 104.5
-Radio showcase @ Brownies for 104.5
-Radio showcase @ North Star Bar for 104.5
-Interview on Radio Volta internet radio (8000+ listeners)

-Punk Rock Review
-punknews. org

Seminal Shows:
-The Boils CD Release Show @ the Troc
-Brotherly Shove Fest @ the Troc
-JV Fest @ The Troc
-w/ The Freeze @ Danielson, CT
-Asbury Lanes w/ The Ergs!
-Benefit shows for To Write Love on Her Arms and Invisible Children
-Punkbuttons Fest in Kingston, NY

Other Venues:
-Asbury Lanes(3x),North Star Bar, Lit Lounge(NYC),Ottos Shrunken Head(NYC),Alphabet Lounge(NYC)The Halfshell 2x(VA)

-Full East Coast Tour in '07
-Weekend Tours...all the time
-To CT, PA, VA, DE, NY, etc...

Bands we've played with:
Gang Green, The Casualties, The Boils, Giving Chase, Fireworks, The Ergs, The Swellers, The Freeze, Let Me Run, Lighten Up, Krum Bums, The Measure[sa],Psyched to Die,Anchors for Arms,Sakes Alive!!,The Color Fred, Doc Hopper,Far-Less,The Last Hope and a million more.



Written By: No Risk

Necessity is the mother of invention,
but urgency demands a more impatient conception.
No LP on vinyl, or cd
but mp3 is taking over sales projections...
Lets uninvent technology.
Regress to primitive history.
Now don't get it twisted,
it'll still suffice. A handheld storage device
just to catologue the albums I buy...
But next time their album drops,
march down to your local record shop
and attain the attainable. Purchase the tangible.
Not just download files. How lame.


2007 - The Great Demise (self-released)
Track List:
1.) When Tragedy Strikes
2.) Paper Jesus
3.) Soundtrack of Our Generation
4.) Scene Politics
5.) Listening Disorder
6.) Whores and Heroes
7.) We'll Take it From Here
2008 - No Risk Demo (self-released)
Track List:
1.) We Carry the Wrath of Conviction
2.) iObject
3.) Song 3
4.) Psychadelic Swim
5.) Song 5

Set List

Sets last 30 - 45 minutes based on alloted time
Sets Include all of the songs from The Great Demise and No Risk's 2008 Demo. Also included are Misfit covers, Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash, and NOFX covers when needed.