Bombastic, raw technical madness with catchy hooks
and big sounding songs that are taking shape. Somthing diferent and very more alert than a lot of your other singer,songwriters which put you too sleep. Thinking outside the box but not been a cock inspired from the likes of prodigy, hendrix,muse.


I am a solo act which consists of one guitar , delays,harmony's and a mini synth
where i create a bombastic sound of my own. I have gained radio play and some good press in scotland,London and even as far as USA.. Here is my first live video which was filmed in glasgow .I tust that all is well with you and it would be great to hear from you with your thoughts. I have recently had one of my tracks played on UKs channel 4s soap Hollyoaks aswell as played many AnR showcases and came a uk finalist in the Roland world wide looping championships.


released first 2 singles on itunes ,amazon etc.

Played on BBC introducing in the AnR zone

synced on Uk channel 4s Hollyoaks.

Track of the week on the JIm Gellatly New music show.