Norrda takes its name from the Swedish word "nor", meaning "north", combining a melancholic female vocal with an eastern flavor of ethnic percussions and guitars. The fusion in Norrda's music is shaped by the musical backgrounds of the characters that create the band.



Selen Hünerli (vocals):
She started her music career with the band "Bitter", singing in R&B, soul and hip-hop genres. She studied cinema, composed music for student projects and prepared tracks for the band "Nada" which performed electronic psychedelic music in Turkish.

Hakan Vreskala (percussions):
He started to play drums in the thrash music band that he founded at school, and then switched to percussions. In 2001, he was accepted to the prestigious Royal Swedish Academy of Music and moved to Stockholm. Since then, he has been playing and touring with well known musicians like Ciwan Perver, Aida Nadeem, Ferus Mustafov and Lars Demian.

Deniz Cuylan (guitars, bass guitar, electronics):
He has been known by a larger audience with his band Portecho's first album "Undertone" released in Turkey in 2006. He performed in various popular venues with his set combining the groovy electronica and jazz. He composed music for films, television, advertisements and fashion shows. He also published an illustration book/album, worked as editor in a music magazine and prepared a radio program. He currently works as producer at Elec-Trip Records (Istanbul).


Norrda's first album "Infinite Face" has been released in 2007 by Akkiraz Muzik (Istanbul).

Set List

The typical performance is about 75 minutes.
The band performs their own songs.