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"2005 International Songwriting Competition Selects"

Out of hundreds of applicants worlwide, "the MeMes"'s song "Slow" was selected among the top 10 Honorable Mention Winners. It was the only song in the Alternative music category to get any recognition. As an Honorable Mention Winner, "the MeMes" won free promotion to numerous press and media outlets worldwide. - International Songwriting Competition

""It's Lovely" #6 on BroadJam Top 10 Charts"

"the MeMes" song "It's Lovely" debut at #6 on the Broadjam Radio Top 10 Rock/Alternative Charts. Scores to appear on the Broadjam Top 10 Charts are measured by the ratings, positive reviews, and requests, by Broadjam members. - Broadjam July 2005


WILNEIDA was invited to show its stuff at an upcoming 'Original Sessions & Jagermusic Buzz Band' showcase. Acts participating in this event are eligible for promotional opportunities, including the chance to become an official Jagermeister sponsered band. WILNEIDA's one-set performance will take place at 'Blaggards' in Manhattan (8 West 38th St.) at 10:45pm on May 20th 2005. - BUZZ BAND SEARCH NYC/NJ 2005

"Hit Session CD Review of"

"Born in Puerto Rico, Wilneida is now a New York working girl who knows her way around an electric guitar. This four-song EP is a brief yet interesting journey into a quasi-P.J. Harvey or Liz Phair territory. Wilneida has a husky, unique voice that is interesting and compelling to listen to.

The songs on Slow don't rely upon a defined verse/chorus/verse structure, but instead are slightly jazzy, free-form soft-rock excursions. Bass and drums provide a solid rhythm for unusual guitar patterns that are light on riffage but heavy on atmosphere.

"It's Lovely" begins with a subtle guitar pattern and Wilneida's voice, warmly inviting the listener into her sonic experience. This is a song for adventurous adults, as it demands to be listened to rather than played as background music. "Lost In New York" is a mid-tempo number that features a smartly energetic guitar section that would do The Feelies proud. Wilneida tries a bit of Suzanne Vega talk-singing in the jazzy track "Better Than That," and closes with the cleverly melodic "Slow."

Wilneida isn't the sort of singer who would ever make it far on American Idol, but then again, she'll still be recording and singing years after the Idol singers are performing at the local fairgrounds.

Here's hoping that Wilneida will be soon be releasing a full-length album."
- Review by: Doug Cornell-5/05

"Taxi A&R Department Review"

"Music is fresh melodically and in arrangment & structure!! I like your vocal vibe. You've got a powerful personal style and a great voice. The musicanship on these tracks is outstanding. Your lyrics are evocative and moving. I am very taken by your lyric writing......the depth, the razor sharp way you put your thoughts into dark-tinged poetry with strong positive, hope-filled concepts & messages.
Melodically, I hesitate to suggest that you make a change because you have such an individual sound.
- I look forward to hearing your record!!!" - Taxi A&R

"Wilneida-Spotlight Artist for June 2005"

"Wilneida presents a deeply textured EP with a hypnotic, sensual vibe."

I was not expecting such a rich, sophisticated sound. Wilneida's EP arrived on a home-burned CD-R with the song titles Sharpied on the cover. About as DIY as you can get. So I was prepared to be forgiving of less-than-perfect sound quality. I was ready to look past typical DIY flaws and hope the songwriting skills would be strong enough to shine through.

I think Wilneida was just messing with my mind when she scrawled that CD cover. What came out of the speakers sounded confident, solid, ready for a major studio recording session with Butch Vig or PJ Harvey at the helm. Or both. Give her both. Trust me. This is important.

Accompanied only by Tommy Brunjes, whose drums and bass add a warm, rhythmic pulse, Wilneida presents a deeply textured EP with a hypnotic, sensual vibe. The music on these four tracks is 60s rock and 40s jazz-influenced while still modern and experimental. Her voice is deep and sultry. You feel the fog swirling in. There's also a wonderful hippy-trippy element, especially in the lyrics:

We'll go walking along this cloudy road
I can see it now
The cold will keep us young
And we'll be dancing away
Underneath the storm
Can you see it now
It's so lovely ...

These songs are dreamy, half-spoken and half-crooned, presented in what feels like stream-of-consciousness, like she's making this up as she flows along. Yet there's definitely an aggressive rock undertow. The tempo may be writhing and sensual, but she's digging her teeth and nails in.

Of course, there are some flaws here and there. At times, when holding a long note, her voice wavers off-key. It's sometimes hard to understand the words (the above lyrics were pulled from her web site). Again, minor issues that will be resolved once she gets into the right studio with the right people.

And when that does happen, may I suggest more experimentation. I'd love to hear that voice try something a cappella. It's intriguing and strong enough to hold its own. For other tracks, maybe some exotic woodwinds, a djembe, or someone reciting poetry in the background. And just for the heck of it, send that final product out with nothing but the lyrics scrawled on the cover. This is one reviewer who didn't mind having the rug yanked out from under her. - Jennifer Layton-Review Editor, Indie Music.Com Magazine


"Slow" EP 2005



The members of "North" joined forces in 2005.

Since the release of the "Slow" EP in April 2005, "North" have received internet radio play on the following stations: (Featured Artist) (Featured Artist)
Radio Crystal Blue (NYC)
BandRadio Live
Broadjam Radio (Song "It's Lovely was #6 on the Top 10 Rock/Alternative Charts).
July 2005-The song “It’s Lovely” was selected to be featured in the First Spinz Pop/Rock compilation CD that will be sent to radio stations nationwide.

The band was also selected to perform in the NYC/NJ Buzz Band Search in Spring of 2005.

Their song "Slow" was also among the Top 10 Honorable Mention Winners for the 2005 "International Songwriting Competition". It was the only song in the Alternative music category to get any recognition.

The "Slow" Ep was featured and reviewed in: (5/05)
Indie (6/05)
Taxi A&R- (5/05)