Anna Coogan & north19

Anna Coogan & north19


A female-fronted four-piece Americana band with banjo as the primary solo instrument; a modernized classic country/bluegrass sound focusing on Coogan's powerful vocals.


Since forming in June 2003, Anna Coogan and north19 have established a sound both unique and familiar. Drawing from traditional bluegrass, country, rock and blues, the band’s sparse, banjo-driven sound cradles Coogan’s clear, powerful voice as she delivers tales of hope, heartbreak and desolation.

Their newest album, Sleepwalker (to be released March 2007), is the best document yet of the band's sound. Mixed by S. Husky Hoskulds and Dylan Fant, the album showcases the mature songwriting of Coogan and her bandmates with entrancing ballads and haunting Americana.

north19 has captivated a range of audiences with an intimate sound that demands the listener’s undivided attention. Evocative songwriting, inventive banjo work, and a solid, colorful rhythm section are the hallmarks of this young band.

The moving banjo stylings of Travis Beard, a 15-year veteran of the Northwest music scene, coupled with the smooth bass lines of Kevin Burkett and solid grooves of drummer Eric Hastings, provide the perfect backdrop for Coogan’s haunting vocals.


State of Grace

Written By: Anna Coogan

I'd been looking in all the wrong places
When you found me I was in a terrible state
But you weren't looking for nothing, for no one
Oh you were never looking for that state of grace.

You won't take no for an answer
You got nothing on your hands but time
Well I tripped and I just kept falling under
Oh damn, I think I'm gonna lose my mind

Baby I'll come when you call me
You made it so easy to fall in
Oh I'm falling, I'm falling like rain
Stars fall every night we're sleeping
Stars fall every night
In a state of grace.

Your faith in light is like a mountain
You shine brighter than any star
Oh when the weary world cannot hold me anymore
Baby I fall back into your arms/

When it Rains

Written By: Anna Coogan

He went down to Austin
tried to get his songs
heard on the radio
she went back to Boston
decided it was time
to make it on her own
so many miles between them
she counted 15 states in all
she said man, I miss that city
when it rains.

So he calls from Texas
every now and then
talk about the weather
well they said they'd still be friends
but winter comes and winter stays
till theres nothing more to say
but god, I love that city
when it rains.

He cries Halleluia, baby
can't you see I'm finally making it?
she says god, I love that city
when it rains.

When he went down to Austin
he told her he would love her
till the stars burned out
and she went back to Boston
wondered how she's ever
gonna make it now
but winter comes
and winter stays
till theres nothing more to say
but god, I love that city
when it rains.


Sleepwalker- 11 Song LP to be released Spring 2007
Glory - 10 song LP- released Fall 2005

Radio Airplay for 'Glory':
KEXP Seattle
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Set List

Set list is built around songs from 'Glory' and 'Sleepwalker' with new material mixed in regularly. Set length from 45 min to 2+ hours. Occasional covers range from 60's and 70's rock to traditional and modern bluegrass.