North America

North America


North America has been described as Desert Crystal Psych Rock and Psych Dance {among other things.

U.S/Canada/Europe 2013 tours April-Sept 2013
ATP UK (curated by TV on The Radio) May 2013


North America Bio:

Twins Josh and Jesse Hasko apply their monozygotic knowledge and near psychic proclivities to create spatial and hauntingly psychedelic songs that embody and transcend typical genres. Inspired by the scorching desert landscape, altered states, and the nightmare of post-modern America, North America plays a tactile and hypnotic rock with chiaroscuro qualities in a world that is their own. While the mostly instrumental music can be intense, beautiful, and danceable; each song is a relatable emotional story that embraces darkness, hypocrisy, and ultimately; joy.

The band is currently based in New Mexico and New York


Blown Out - 2011 CD/Cassette formats
S/T - 2009 CD format SOLD OUT
Flywheel - 2009 2 song mini ep SOLD OUT

College Radio and DIY radio airplay in select cities.
Albuquerque, Austin, Montreal, Seattle, London, etc

Latest Live Radio: Montreal,QC -Live on CJLO Chicago, IL - Live on WNUR 89.3 Rockland, IL – Daytrotter Session