understated, honest, unknown, unassuming, and they're going to make you $hit yer' pants!!!! Who cares that you haven't heard of them? Life is better with suprises.


northamorica came to be sometime in the spring of 07.

northamorica maintains an atypical instrumention during their live performances, with members playing multiple instruments. They also incorporate elements of electronic music into their sound. The band shys away from the traditional rock power trio paradigm.

The band began creating music from the members previous musical projects. Lucky, bizarre chemical reactions soon followed and new, original music made its way to the rehearsals.

northamorica independently released their first EP of five songs entitled "unfrontier" in November 07.

northamorica has played numerous club shows in Toronto (Ciao Edie Roxx, The Boat, Smiling Buddha Bar and Sneaky Dee's as part of the Wavelength music series in December of 2007).

The band plays music that imparts a sense of excitement for both the players and the audience.
It can best be described as fun rock, with a tinge of experimentalism and Canadian mischievousness.

Easy and honest.

The band is planning a Canada-wide tour in the summer of 08' and has begun writing for a full-length album to be released in the coming spring.

northamorica are Ryan Mercier, Paul Arora and Bernard Taylor.



Written By: northamorica

i don't know whats wrong with these city lights

i can't see the stars over building tops

im beneath the scale of the human race

so i make a list of things to buy

we are the sons of a sinking ship
i don't know why im so cynical
when im the friend of a fisherman
i rest my head on a bed of waves
into the caring of his net

i took a long walk last friday night

went to a bar all by myself

counting all the drinks i felt alone

i've seen the bottom of the sea
and gave the wreck some company

we are the sons of a sinking ship
i don't know why im so cynical
when im the friend of a fisherman
friendship dissolves the drowning weight


Written By: northamorica

i am interested in researching
urban symbolism, ecological restoration,
methods of urban planning
that reduce environmental impact,
techniques of monitoring
ecological consequences

i am interested in relearning
climbing beautiful trees, hiding in tall grasses
building dams in quiet rivers,
tormenting family pets,
snooping around in the moonlight
setting traps for scary intruders

thank you for my education


2007 - EP "unfrontier"

Airplay on Indie Love Radio (Toronto)

Set List

12 songs (typically 1 hour, although it fluctuates between 45 min to 1.5 hrs)

Set List:
That was one of the stranger nights that -
I've had in a while
New apartment
Love song for a building in Toronto
Piece of your mind
Too afraid to whisper...we mean business
Honest desire
Poor Leo