NorthBound Train

NorthBound Train


NorthBound Train is back, after a 7 year intermission playing in the style of the Grateful Dead. They are a group of well seasoned musicians playing with expression and passion that only comes from the heart utimately creating a Grateful Dead Experience. COME, SHAKE YOUR BONES!!


The NBT Story:

A Tribute To The Grateful Dead with a passion.
Come and join us for a real good time.

Bob Grenier
Started NorthBound Train in 1995.

Fran Bradley
After meeting Fran in a music store, he happened to be wearing a Grateful Dead hat.

We played guitars and jammed a bit. Bob asked Fran to do an all-acoustic duo in '95.

NBT~Acoustic is born (sounded good).

We quickly hooked back up with old friend and band mate Ben Tallman, from the ill-fated Earth~Dance Band. Bob and Ben had started the band in the early 90's.
Ben, as always and even to this day, showed up with his Keys in hand, Ready to JAM!

(The real Mule) NBT Electric is born 1995 (~): }

Bruce Saxton
Well, just a bit more difficult. After a few ads Bruce came forward, passed the audition, and WALA! Bass is born.. NBT 1995 !!!

Drummers.. In short, NorthBound Train has had The Grateful Dead beat here!!!
The Dead employ 2 drummers?

Well we employed about 13 of them between 1995 and 2001!

INTERMISSION!! 7 years (personal reasons)

Idea!!! Lets do this again(?) We're all friends... We still stay in touch.... Hey some of us are still jamming together...

Bob and Bruce go to a RatDog show together in November 2006. After the show, they run into some old NBT fan's. The fan's encourage Bob and Bruce. Bob calls Fran and Ben...
November 2006 NBT is born again. WOOOO!!

Guy's we don't have a drummer? Look on the bulletin board in the music stores, go online.. Craig's List. We spot an ad.. "Jam band drummer looking for a band".
Hmmmm... never really had a drummer before? Lets give this guy a try...

NEW DRUMMER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob McAlpine
Our prayers are answered! Rob came on board to play drumz and complete NorthBound Train's current lineup as you know it today.

NBT is re-born December 2006.

Set List

This is a set list from the Big Bear Lodge - Brookline, NH on 4/27/07:

Bertha 8:34, Big River 5:12, Don't Ease Me In 3:13, GDTRFB 8:45, Minglewood Blues 9:25,
They Love Each Other 5:56, BIODTL 3:10, Deal 10:28, Mystery Train 8:42, Deep Elm Blue>Space Jam>China Cat>
Rider 25:14, Friend Of The Devil 6:04, Second That Emotion 7:34

Cold Rain and Snow 6:34, Birdsong 17:24, Eyes of the World 15:23, Mr Charlie>Good Morning
Little School Girl>Lovelight 24:03, Other One>Franklin's Tower 20.45, US Blues 5:23,
Sugar Mag 10:02

Encore: Shakedown St 12:34