Northern Kind

Northern Kind


Combining classic rock with modern rock, this trio gets back to the rock-n-roll basics with lead guitar solos, beaming vocals, and excellent musicianship from its members.


With an in your face innovative twist on the classic styles of rock and roll, Northern Kind delivers a highly emotional and energetic live show. Formed in September of 1999, the rock trio based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, combines the sounds from such classic artists as Rush, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, The Beatles, and Black Sabbath, with the sounds of bands like Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Blind Melon. A typical Northern Kind live show features all original music.

The hard driving sound of Northern Kind comes from its talented musicians. Vince Stringfield (25) is the guitar player, singer and songwriter. His beaming vocals, searing guitar solos, and flow between soft and hard chords mesmerize audiences. Bill Mramer (25) puts out the back beat with his guitar like style of bass playing, and Jesse Marshall (27) brings it full circle with his powerful and rapid drum beats.

Previous shows have included playing various clubs, events and showcases around the state of Indiana in which they have opened for such national and regional touring acts as Local H, Kansas, Hedder, Healing Sixes, Bare Jr., Watershed, and Cider.

In January of 2000, one of the band’s first demos, “Party Relish”, was included in Fort Wayne radio station Extreme 102.3’s CD compilation of local artists called Extreme Essentials, Vol. 4. Northern Kind released their first full length CD “Here” in November of 2001. A song from the CD, “DM44”, was added to Extreme Essentials, Vol. 5. Both tracks are receiving considerable playing time on the station. Northern Kind's second self-titled CD was released in June of this year. The latest CD captures the professionalism, raw energy, and sound one would experience at a live Northern Kind show.

Northern Kind was interviewed for Fort Wayne’s prestigious Whatzup weekly music newspaper. The band was also nominated by the paper as one of the area’s best new bands of the year for 2000. In September of 2002, Northern Kind was featured in Indianapolis’ premier entertainment magazine NUVO Newsweekly.

One will find the Northern Kind experience to be a familiar step back into classic rock’s heyday with a mix of today’s young, raw, and upbeat energy.


X102.3 Extreme Essentials, Vol. 4 (2000)
X102.3 Essentials, Vol. 5 (2001)
HERE - Self Release (2001)
Northern Kind - Self Release (June 2003)

Set List

Northern Kind sets include all original material. However, covers from their favorite artists can be played upon request. They have well over 3 hours of material.