Northern lightz

Northern lightz

 La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Raw sound, phat hard beats, real life events, super natural flow, good feeling music. Relate to you. been doing live shows for years


we've been friends/homies since elem. school. been making music since then as well. finally developed our sound. we produce our own material from the kick to the snare, melody of the intstruments to the lyrical deliverys.


Northern Lightz 15 track cd is pressed and already sold 1000 copys first month locally hand to hand. been on our local radio station as well Z93.3

Set List

We start it hard with some get live music, to get the crowd pumped up, then calm it down with some good things in life songs. then end it hard again. weve done a 3 hour show all in one shot.