Northern Pike

Northern Pike


Combine strong melodic vocals, soaring guitar riffs, and a rhythm section that has a definite groove, with influences that date back to the beginning of rock and roll. This is Northern Pike.


Havin fun and writing music is what its all about for Northern Pike, a six piece rock band from Boston. In a time when image seems to control the music industry, Northern Pike aims to remind everyone what is important: the music.

This music "is all about the truth, honesty, and the way that we feel", says Mark Kalivas, lead vocalist of Northern Pike. Drummer Josh Hamwey and bassist Joe Thibodeau provide a definite groove and a strong backbone to the music, which is accented by their three lead guitarists, Stevie DeLorenzo, Brian Higgins, and Dave Vellante. The wide range of influences brought by each guitarist adds to the overall rock & roll sound of the band.

In their first year in the Boston rock scene, the band has captured audiences with their energetic live show and rock that's influenced by everyone from Lynyrd Skynyrd to The Beatles. After winning the 2008 MassCann battle of the bands, Northern Pike will be featured on the 19th annual Boston Freedom Rally, September 20th 2008, on Boston Common.

The band recently finished recording a 5 song EP that will be released in July. If you want to be the first to recieve an EP, sign up for the Northern Pike mailing list at a show, and you will be mailed a copy on the day of release. New shows are constantly being added, so check back for updates.


"Speechless" EP - July 2008

Songs on EPK are from this EP.

Set List

Northern Pike's typical set ranges anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes of original music. With the addition of covers, ranging from 70s rock to 90s rock, set times can exceed two hours.