Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

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“Americana – Canadian style!” is how this band likes to describe their music.

After 3 years as indie rockers, the members of the Kinnexa Cross band were at a crossroads; they had won or been finalists in a number of rock competitions, sold about 500 copies of the first CD, and played everywhere they could, but they were working insanely hard and going nowhere. Plus ongoing lineup changes, particularly with drummers and regular criticism for their high energy – but high volume – show were killing their ability to grow and attract a larger fanbase.

But, when life gives you lemons… well, this band really did make lemonade; with the departure of their previous lead guitarist, Mark Paré (formerly on rhythm) stepped up to lead and brought his own uniquely spare, rootsy, rhythmic sound to the band’s guitar-driven music. The band found themselves pulled in a new direction towards a less aggressive sound and towards original music that had wide appeal and was perfectly suited to Kinnexa’s vocal style. With the style and sound change, came a name and brand change as well, and out of the ashes of the KC band, “Northlander” was born.

Since April 2011, Northlander has recorded and released an EP “Turnaround”, rearranged their original music, played everywhere they could, gone from zero to over 6000 online fans and rocketed up the Reverbnation charts to #1 Nationally, #9 Globally in Americana. Two of their songs have been in regular rotation on VRadio (Las Vegas), as well as several other internet radio stations, and they will be starting a national US radio single campaign in the spring of 2012.

Looks like this band has found the right niche after all.

With influences as diverse as Stevie Nicks, The Beastie Boys, Jason McCoy, Appalachian folk chants and Led Zepplin (sounds weird, but it works, really) their music appeals to a wide range of audiences, but is always underpinned by their signature sound.

Kinnexa Cross -
Lead singer, songwriter, rhythm guitarist and multi-instrumentalist - strongly influenced by the great female rockers of the 60s and 80s, Kinnexa brings powerhouse vocals and stage presence to her remarkable band. Her years of vocal training are evident in her strong clean sound that has been compared to such icons as Grace Slick and Chrissie Hynde.

Kinnexa brings a distinctly feminine perspective to her music, but always from an independent and unusual point of view, unsurprising when you hear that she is former military officer with a tour in Afghanistan as well as a classical pianist. Her goal is to write songs that will endure beyond the Top 40 and that will resonate across generation, genre and gender.

Having done everything from semi-pro musical theatre to burlesque (don’t ask) to being a featured classical mezzo, Kinnexa has found her niche with the edgy sound that is her forte, and with the complementary talents of the other members of her band.

Mark Paré -
Lead guitar, backup and lead vocals, songwriter - Mark imparts a truly modern sensibility and drive to the group.

Having played in several bands in the Toronto and Ottawa areas, (and having had a NUMBER ONE song in Sudbury!) Mark's true passion for music comes from creating and performing original material. Mark’s songs blend many influences, drawing inspiration from genres as diverse as folk, blues, grunge, and rock. Favourite artists include Neil Young, Death Cab for Cutie, Ben Harper, Black Keys, and CAKE.

Mark's strength as a performer derives from his flexibility, as he is as comfortable pumping out high volume driving country rock as he is in a intimate setting performing acoustic folk-inspired material. Mark's style is rhythm driven, and he brings a lot of energy and humour to the band's live shows. AND he's the only guitarist we know who can play slide in standard tuning!

Mark also occasionally performs solo in the local area, he is a standout all-around artist.

Michel Delage -
Drums. And what drums! A native of Ottawa, he is a graduate of the Humber College Jazz program and plays both jazz and blues as well as providing the unmistakeable Northlander drive. Michel is a laid-back true pro whose steady sticks and "whatever it takes" attitude has taken this band to a whole new level of sound.

Kevin Cooke -
Bass. Kevin is a multi-instrumentalist with a long and successful music career on the go. Formerly of Toronto, and a pro musician of some note, Kevin found himself stranded in the Capital and in need of the right band. A songwriter as well, Kevin has terrific arranging chops and several albums to his credit, including 2004's Juno-nominated "Ain't the Weather Strange".


Prisoner of Your Bones

Written By: Kinnexa Cross

You can see the storm clouds coming
they're reflected in his eyes
yeah a distant early warning
but still it takes you by surprise
even though you're kinda jaded
and you'd say you've seen it all
the barometer is dropping
yeah you're headed for a fall

yeah you're carrying a secret
that he cannot quite discern
but that truth won't set you free
hey can't you see you'll hit the point of no return
there's a line you can't be crossing
can't afford to lose control
but you're dreaming of another
have you finally sold your soul?


sometimes it hits you just like lightning
yeah a sharp electric blue
that's the spark that you've been missing
can't deny it, cause its true
and you call your heart a traitor
'cause it used to be a stone
now you're just a lonely prisoner
prisoner of your bones

he can see that you're a liar
but you'll never break your word
but that brilliant white desire
takes you over and reality's obscured
yeah you're choking back the feelin
and you're swallowing the guilt
cause no matter what you've found you're stll surrounded
by the bars your life has built

CH/ solo


sometimes it hits you just like lightning
yeah a sharp electric blue
that's the spark that you've been missing
can't deny it, cause its true
and you call your heart a traitor
'cause it used to be your own
now you're just a lonely prisoner
prisoner of your bones


As Kinnexa Cross- "Cheaper than a Shrink", Nov 2007

As Kinnexa Cross - "Monsters", Feb 2008 limited release

As Northlander - "Turnaround", Oct 2011

Set List

We play original alt-country/roots/americana, although we do cover some little-known B-side gems.

We'll go "unplugged" for smaller venues at the request of the booker.