North Lawrence Midnight Singers

North Lawrence Midnight Singers


Cosmic Saturday Night Rock n' Roll Dance Party! "On the Last Great Saturday Night, words form into enlightened rhymes. The world in our eyes, for once, exciting and wild. Before I felt a dream ever die..."


We were born just before Midnight, into Einstein’s chaotic jumble of time and space, where a lifetime lasts the course of one long day. Fortunate were we to spend many, many glorious times around the greatest of hours, the worries of the world slipped out of mind and people with good hearts shared their spirits and practiced the language of imagination and revelry.

But, more importantly, it was the music that brought us all together and it was the music that allowed our bodies to loosen up and freed us to dance. These were the kind of celebratory times that all who share are thankful for their good fortune, knowing that not all of God’s creatures get to experience a time where their mind is set so free to dream, so much so that it can inspire them for a lifetime. But the Singers, given no exception to the unwavering hands of time, stealing away minutes, and often hours, can’t help to think back with a little sadness and longing, for that time of night where we permitted ourselves to let go of it all and be lost in a song. And in our thoughts, we wonder about the next Midnight on the very distant horizon. In the meantime, we’ll still sing, under the Sun or the Moon!

We all come from somewhere around the way, but can currently be found kicking around the City of Philadelphia. Our Mission Statement could read as follows:

Make No Mistake! NLMS are simply here to help our Friends, Neighbors, Brothers and Sisters…and those beyond, get loose on Saturday Night, leave their worries at the door, and Dance! Dance! Dance! It’s called Rock n’ Roll, people!

Let the Good Times Roll!


North Lawrence Midnight Singers......and That Old Time Living Room Sound.

We've had some modest spins at local, international, specialty and internet radio stations

Set List

We play 30-minute opening sets or hour and a half rock n' roll shows, mostly originals with some Elvis, Ricky Nelson, Roy Orbison cover tunes mixed in...or acoustic shows and we can play all night!