North of Canada

North of Canada

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA

Our music sounds like what a soothing blend of aromatic teas spiked with jalopenos would taste like.


The General, Robert France and Drone City grew up together in a duplex in the City of Brotherly Love and have been playing together since their formative teenage years. Their sound has evolved and matured into a mixture of passive and aggressive tendencies, cryptic song writing, and non-traditional arrangements. Their songwriting influences are derived heavily from the Britpop genre and their screaming guitar bursts are reminiscent of early Sonic Youth. The Admiral has added his unique take on pocket bass lines punctuated by apropriately-spaced solos. The General adds heavy toms and cymbal play and refuses to play a dance beat. Our live shows are always entertaining and never planned.


EP: Every Seahorse Could Be Different, June 2009, released on iTunes

Set List

Latter Day
Let's Go Out Tonite
Modern-day St. Peter
Afternoon Tea (The Kinks cover)
Idle Words
Min Tampolin (Bob Hund cover)
Don't Look Back Into the Sun (The Libertines cover)
Wayword Lies and Opium
I Am the Fetus
This is a Low
Falling Down

We typically play a 30-50 minute set