North of Grand

North of Grand


North of Grand is a powerpop/punk rock outfit from Des Moines, IA. Since 2003, the band has released four albums and toured the country.


In 2009, Iowa based power trio North of Grand is celebrating their sixth year as a band. The power-trio's fourth album, Setbacks Are Scheduled For Tomorrow, was released in April of 2008. The eight songs, which clock in at just over 23 minutes, were recorded and mixed with John Svec at Minstrel Studios in Iowa City and mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Studio B in Omaha.

From front to back, Setbacks displays North of Grand's knack for writing catchy, guitar-driven rock n roll, littered with memorable hooks and powerful lyrics. The album is certain to further boost the band's growing popularity across the Midwestern U.S. In both 2009 and 2008, listeners to KCCQ Radio, 105.1 FM in Ames, chose North of Grand as the "Best Local Band." Hundreds of people voted for North of Grand ahead of major label acts like Slipknot and The Envy Corps.

North of Grand formed in March 2003. The original and current line-up is Sean Wilson (vocals, guitar), Dan Ketelsen (bass, backing vocals) and Pat Curtis (drums, backing vocals). Since their first gig in April of 2003, North of Grand has played more than 200 shows in nearly 20 states.

The name "North of Grand" comes from the area in Des Moines (just north of Grand Avenue) where the band chooses to drink and live.


Des Moines River Conference

Written By: Wilson

Everybody knows... Head to your toes... your part of the memory.
It seemed so easy to believe, so easy to see... what was ahead of me.
I'm coming home.
1989 weighs on my mind... part of the chemistry.
We learned computerized command. I can’t understand.
What are you feeding me?
I'm coming home.
Everybody knows someone who can't escape from yesterday. Their hallways lined with better times... repeat the story and you'll find that everybody knows someone who can't escape from yesterday. Their hallways lined with better times repeat the story and you'll find...
Images will grow... pictures will show... pages of history.
So here's to you DMRC, and all that you mean... now just a memory.
I'm coming home.


Written By: Wilson

900, breathless dizzy in the air
a noble notion in motion
spinning without care.
900, landing gear abandoned... what you're handed
slow-motion look down
there's no one to be found.
This is incredible.... action affirmable
900 miracle.
When they found you...
You were calling out my name.
makes senses when fingers fail to point out
the one you want to blame.
When they found you, face planted to the ground
slow-motion back up...look 'round
there's no one to be found.
Every time you come around you say you know that
it's been a long day the wrong way in my mind.
Every time you come around you know I know that
It's been a long day the wrong way
and we'll never get it back.
all you feel inside... this is incredible
and all that's in your mind... incredible
and all you left behind... it was incredible.


Setbacks Are Scheduled For Tomorrow (2008), Cut You Down (2006), Attention to Revenge (2005), Wrong Way Home (2004)

Set List

Our set list usually consists of 12-15 song from our original catalog of roughly 50 songs. We also have a list of nearly 20 cover tunes.