North Shore Troubadours

North Shore Troubadours

 New Haven, Connecticut, USA

North Shore Troubadours, New Haven's premier surf rock explosion, are bringing surf beyond the imaginable limits! Reverb and pulp comic pulp fuse into intelligent punk perplexity. Beach babes and go-go dancers create a fiery display to match!


North Shore Troubadours'* sound is a toxic concoction of vintage surf rock and our own creative stylization. At our roots, we are three seasoned musicians who took a simple concept and turned it into our own new genre. Imagine a 60s surf party and throw in a hoard of zombies!

The basic influences we used from the surf genre are the Ventures, Dick Dale, Laika and the Cosmonauts, and Los Straitjackets. From there, our compositions take draw from all types of music, including jazz, funk, grunge, reggae, punk, psychedelia.

As an instrumental band, we put a lot of thought into our music. Whether it's an alien interrogation, a dirty fat city rat (the one behind the mortgage crisis), or wiping out on a long board, every song puts the listener into a scene from a sci-fi movie, comic book, or perhaps just a moment derived from one of our own twisted imaginations.

We love our music, and since surf rock is relatively unknown to most audiences, we have the advantage of bringing something new and fresh to the stage. It appeals to all ages and always gets the crowd moving. And if the audience is feeling too lazy to get up, we bring go-go dancers to add a little encouragement!

Surfs Up!

*Winner of the New Haven Advocate 2010 "Grand Band Slam" - BEST OTHER


North Shore Troubadours (2009)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2012)

Set List

We play a few classic surf covers that are our favorites, but we add our own style and flare to them. We also will take other songs and turn them into surf, such as Radiohead's "Paranoid Android", Nirvana's "Come as You Are," and the theme song from Kids in the Hall, "Having an Average Weekend."

The majority of tunes are originals. We are currently recording a 15 track LP and have more compositions on the way. With all our songs combined, we can typically play for 1.5 hours, or 2 hours with a break.