NorthStar Family Records

NorthStar Family Records

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New label in town. NorthStar Family Records is like a diamond trapped in a hard rock solid coal. Waiting for the right coal miner to tap into thier resources and beauty. NorthStar Family Records is slated to be the New Def Jam


PrinceGrimm who is from St.Croix Virgin Islands started out with his reggae soundsystem in 1998 when he enlisted in the Air Force. In 2000 he released a cd which he found out was called an underground mixtape in the HipHop/Rap Nation. He sold over 200 copies from Osan AFB. So he decided to start his own Label. In September 2002 he released is first Label Album called "Destiny Of A Soldier". Everthing was done in his own studio with his own beats. They sold over 300 cd's of this release. Then PrinceGrimm was called to duty in Iraq. So many incidents happened while he was there but he does not want to talk about it. Now brings us to the present. Princegrimm survived Iraq, which he probably will go back soon unless the label gets signed or find the investors they need. But for now he is back doing what he loves, music.


NorthStar Family Records Presents "Destiny Of A Soldier" (Radio Version)

Set List

NorthStar Family performs as long as needed.