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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"North Styrenn EP"

Their EP rocks! I like the chiming guitars and the hooks... Great singer.
I hear echoes of early Who, Dada, young REM.. maybe Gin Blossoms.

Every song on the EP is strong.
Keep your eye on North Styrenn!

Chris Hinding
Sugarfootmusic LLC. - C. Hinding

"New Sound of Classic?"

"North Styrenn has an appealing organic sound that combines elements of modern rock with influences of great late 60's pop bands like The Who and Small Faces."

I'll keep my eye on where this band is headed.

Paul Manske
MusicMan Productions
Co-Owner - P. Manske

"North Styrenn EP Review"

North Styrenn
The North Styrenn EP
Star Guide Recordings

Some bands come out of absolutely nowhere and are so unexpectedly well-rounded and great sounding that it almost makes you want to cry for the bounty that is the Twin Cities music scene. Be Not Afraid, the opening track from North Styrenns debut EP, busts out of the gates with some serious Britpop swagger, sounding like a blend of the Las harmonies, the Verves expansiveness and Steve Winwoods white-boy soul vocals. If thats all it was, itd still be a great pop song, but four minutes in, they put the brakes on and turn it into a full-on many-part harmony jam that seals the deal, with singer Ryan Pulas gentle melody pulling it all together. Touch the Ground pulls off the same moves with a chorus worthy of Blind Faith and an instrumental breakdown that Lee Mavers could easily have penned. The Hideaways decks probably dont have 60s dust on them the way Mavers preferred, but the studio was apparently a comfy enough environment to get this mini-British Invasion down on tape, and the material on this EP bodes well for a full length to follow.

With most of the tracks clocking in at around five minutes, they might not have that radio sound locked up, but theyve got the spark and the chops to make an impact on the scene, even if the back half of the disc loses a little of the drive of the first half. With so many groups around from Colonial Vipers Attack to White Light Riot vying for that golden pop crown, the field is crowded, but North Styrenn should feel confident about their odds as a scrappy Cinderella pick. - Pulse Magazine- Minneapolis

"Classic rock for those that love classic rock"

May 1, 2006

North Styrenn plays music the way John Bonham played the drums - hard and loud. I assume that Bonham would also love to sit in with the band as they play through the old-school rock tracks found on The North Styrenn EP.

The band is influenced greatly by the music of the Who, but I also hear a good deal of Led Zepplin influence, which is to say that North Styrenn captures the power of the Whos Who Are You and mixes it with the melodies of Zepplins Houses of the Holy.

The opening track on North Styrenns first release, The North Styrenn EP, speaks to the soul. It speaks to those of us who are confused and lost, but havent found a religion that makes us feel good about ourselves. It is a song about humility, and it is a song about lifting yourself up by your bootstraps. It also features some great harmonies a la the Screaming Trees and brings home a guitar solo reminiscent of one that Crackers Johnny Hickman might have played while thrusting his pelvis in our faces back in 1993.

Lead singer, Ryan Pula, belts out:

If you hold onto your pride,just let it go and be not afraid.
If you find humility, you will find peace, so be not afraid.
Theres something said for being strong enough to let yourself go down.

I love humility in all parts of life, but especially in rock music.

There are many other bright spots on the album, particularly at moments when a chorus of harmonies can be heard. One thing about this band that really stands out is Ryan Pulas vocals. He has the rare ability to communicate emotion through his gritty vocal lines. When you listen to this album, you really feel like Pula means what he is saying.

My guess is that this is a band that probably sounds better live than on the album. There are a couple of video clips on the bands mySpace page, which showcase its ability to really rock.

Summary: The North Styrenn EP is gem that would make John Bonham proud.
- Lunch of Champions


The North styrenn EP.

Released January 2006.
7 tracks. 31 minutes
Self released by North Styrenn.
Produced by North Styrenn and
Engineered by Daryll Hurst.

Check out "Be not afraid" and "Someone Like You"


Feeling a bit camera shy


North Styrenn, the brainchild of Ryan Pula, was formed in 2002 in the twin cities. Struggling to find a solid line-up, the members stockpiled original songs and home recordings over the next 2 years. “We’ve got enough material for 3 albums” ryan says.

Late 2004 found the band having its first complete line-up. Ryan Pula(Lead vocals, guitar),Victor Johnson(Guitar, backing vocals), Chris Bierden(Bass Guitar,Vocals) and Clint Trotter(Drums). Drawing inspiration from such classic rock bands as The Who and Pink Floyd, North Styrenn have formed their own brand of rock in a world chock full of copy cats.

2005 found the band playing live shows throughout the twin cities and recording tracks for what ended up being The North Styrenn EP. “I think the music will stand out to people looking for something real, something that has not been imitated 1000 times”. Clint says. “We feel that we have given the music fan a CD that they can listen to all the way through and feel good about spending their money on it”

*MAY 2006*
Although the band has been dealt yet another member change with the departure of Chris Bierden on bass, they are currently writing new material for their first full length album.