The Northwest Division

The Northwest Division


"like a locomotive cruisin' through the Rockies in the dead of winter."


Formed in Toronto, Ontario – though the friendships started many years earlier in Prince Edward Island – this band is most influenced by the simple sound of Neil Young and Crazy Horse and the playful spontaneity of the Kinks. Peter Forbes (guitar, lead vocals), Sheldon Kelly (bass, vocals), Mike Daley (guitar, vocals) and Mike Mella (drums, vocals) came together after years of working in different projects, happy to land on one that just felt right.

Their approach is easygoing and uncomplicated, reflecting a strong Canadian vibe. Forbes sums up the band’s dynamic: “Writing with this band is different because it’s never a math problem. It’s tall cans and good times and chicken wings afterwards.”

Pleased to release their first EP, Of Which I’m the Master, after two years of performing live and writing music, the Northwest Division has a catalogue that doesn’t try to be anything other than songs they enjoy playing. Songs with heart. And when asked about where they’re headed, Kelly explains: “Hopefully, we’re headed into peoples ears.”


"of which I'm the master" - EP - 2008

Set List

Fifty minutes of original music and three to five covers from artists such as neil young and the kinks.