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Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco, Portugal | INDIE

Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco, Portugal | INDIE
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"Show Review"

"Norton deserve more than what they have. They are the perfect symbioses between the simplicity of Múm, the soft pop of The Postal Service and the tension of Mogwai. With the particularity that they don’t do all of this in the same song, the musicians are always changing places, sometimes they are all in the keyboards and the music sounds big, hypnotic, in amazing analogue stories
, other times they get noisy with the guitars and have fun with the effects."
- Blitz Magazine

"Imago Film Festival Show"

"With a new record in the pocket and a Spanish Tour scheduled, the Portuguese band get back to the stages to show the new views opened by Kersche.
A unique opportunity to listen live to the new Norton’s, now that the electronics are more strong and united to their classic sound of indie guitars which take their sounds to a higher level.
There’s still no band in Portugal who can put together all the influences in his sound without losing originality and honesty like they do. And a unique capacity to take their sound all over the world."
- Imago Film Festival Promotion Book

"Kersche Review"

"Kersche is a chirurgic record. Built with all the care in the lab table. It´s important to find this record, listen as much as you can, find the little details that give flavour to it.” - Santos da Casa Radio Show

"Kersche Review"

“Norton are like the old indies. Not so much for the music, full of modern things… but for the attitude.
Kersche is made of a lot of fragile songs built with extreme care.”
- Publico Newspaper

"ContemPOPranea Festival"

“…The truth is that in two days of festival we was never seeing a band with so much desire to please the audience as the Portuguese band…” -

"Kersche Review"

“They’ll make you think of Postal Service and the Icelandic group Mum, and sometimes something closer to straight rock… it’s the modest complexity of the music that supports Kersche on its own merits.”
- Pop Matters


-Make Me Sound E.P. - CD, April 2003
-Pictures From Our Thoughts - CD, May 2004
-Frames - Remixes & Versions - CD, June 2005
-Kersche - CD, April 2007
-Kersche Remixed - CD, January 2008
-Kersche (Japanese Edition) - CD, February 2008
-Pump Up The Jam - Single, February 2009
-Make It Last - Single, February 2010
-Layers of Love United - CD, March 2011
-Layers of Love United (Japanese Edition) - CD, June 2011




When “Layers”, the last song from “Layers of Love United”, reaches the end and the chorus stills sounds on our heads, and words pour from the mouth, there’s only one certainty: the new era in Norton’s career belongs to the timeless records’ category. From the ones that always looked like they were on our shelf and that we come back once and more, almost without noticing it. Because they are missed!

There’s nothing on the nine songs that sounds like it’s out of place. From “Two Points”, first single and wondrous indie pop, to “Coastline”, a growing addictive of guitars and synthesizers, with a gliding voice embracing everything, passing through “Satellites”’ density or “Japan”’s sorrow, and ending on the unbeatable sequence of “Summer for Tomorrow”, “Into the Lights”, “Layers”, everything’s essential.

“Layers of Love United” reflects a changing band. From a band in which change results in brightness and... bonding! But, it’s the cohesion the more crossing feature in everything Norton is involved in this stage. A record of an impressive structure, in a set list that hardly could make more sense. A collective that takes a new way on making up their songs from the cohesion of its members. More direct, more distinct. If today we live the odd songs era, Norton made an ALBUM. To listen from the first to the last song.

After “Kersche”, from 2007, there are internal changes, with Pedro Afonso taking over the lead vocals and guitarist Manuel Simões as a full time member, but there’s also the secure repetition of Eduardo Vinhas’ production, capable of understanding that Norton’s path is defined by their own songs, for their even more melodic and circular textures, for the little electronics captive naivety that penetrate everywhere, for the sonic waterfalls embedded in the rhythm section that follows to the dance floor whenever it can...

“Layers of Love United” is a feeling of comfort. Get home and listen to “that” record, sing “those songs”, remember “that” night, “that” morning, “that” warm sunny afternoon inside of a car playing drums on the steering Wheel. It’s LOVE in the shape of a song.