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“I like all music if it’s done well. Genres are like languages as far as I’m concerned. I adapted to that concept early on.”

As a session pro, writer, and touring musician, there’s little that guitarist Britt Warren hasn’t encountered in the transient world of popular music.

Now that the concept of the album as an art form and a product is changing, Britt’s bow, aptly entitled Fearless, is a forecast of the way things are going to be from now on
"Young people don’t have record collections anymore. They download songs off the internet, file swap, and assemble their own personal discs regardless of vogue or classification. What they pull down is a variety of different things. That’s what Fearless is all about. I love diversity. This record is meant to be a buffet. Like alot of artists, I grow bored staying in one style. What I do is put it all in a pot and try to bring a little bit of myself into each element. This way you know it’s the artist delivering the
meal. And this is an international cuisine.”

Fearless is a literate meld of rock, jazz, classical, soul, and all the hybrids in-between that captures the energy and spontaneity of a live performance. It also fills a craving for both the artist and the audience. After caring for a family member through a long illness Britt took creative stock of himself. “I had to make this record. It was like a birth, it wasn’t going back the other way!” Conscious of the fact that Baby Boomers and Gen
X’ers are lost in the mass music marketing miasma that caters only to the youth-quake, Warren champions his generation with fervor. “We all long for the quality of popular music that we grew up with in the 1960s-1970s. At the same time we maintain our cutting edge and we require music that meets our needs now.”

Fearless is Britt Warren’s feast of friends. “The people who worked with me on this record gave me an honest perspective. It’s nearly impossible to be objective when you’re emotionally attached to the music. But having been a producer and a player for so long I began to discover the common ground between the two. We don’t even have to talk: our facial expressions speak volumes.”

“The craft of producing a good song is a constant refining process. Everybody on this record brought their talents to the table as players and people and we caught that spirit in every groove and melody. Music is the one forum where we can be timeless...and fearless.” - Tom Semioli, New York


Fearless - LP - 2002 (Britt Warren)
Vyntage - EP - 2003 (1:1)
Life Out Loud - LP - 2004 (1:1)



In a day and age of such uncertainty it is important to find stability within one’s life. This stability must come from foundational truths that you alone believe and adhere to in the midst of life’s storms. The members of NO SHADOW have found that stability and incorporate those truths in the music they write.

The powerful collaboration and union of North Carolina based artists Britt Warren and 1:1 has given birth to NO SHADOW. Under this new identity the creative flow is unsurpassed and promises to keep music listeners from all walks of life more than satisfied. This group of seasoned professionals put all that they have and all that they have experienced into their work forming a musical style that cuts across genre lines in order to create a unique sound for all ages.

Led by Britt Warren, NO SHADOW , the band is now five members strong and their unique sound comes from the mixture of an extremely tight rhythm section, uniquely diverse guitar phrasings and soaring vocal textures. A whole new world of musical imagery is being taped into and the results can only be a live experience that will leave the audience desiring a deeper relationship with God and each other.

The band has over 25 years of combined live concert and recording experience and promises to be one of North Carolina's best new bands. There are currently three musical offerings from the band all recorded prior to the union. The "Fearless" CD by Britt Warren and the “Vyntage” EP and “Life Out Loud” CD from 1:1. All of these are offered on the "Store" page on this site. The team is now writing the music for their first offering as NO SHADOW and it is poised to be nothing short of outstanding.