No Shoes Band

No Shoes Band


No Shoes is an International Band with members from North America, Antigua and Denmark. We range in age from 22 to 60 and have male and female members. We will gather together during the summer to play Festivals, clubs and a variety of venues.


the band have had following guests : Fuzzy Samuel, Denis Farley, Shawn Gonzales, Kenn Lending, Toke Skjønnemand, Jesper Agerschou, Jonothan Ash, Frank Nicolaisen and Kent Thomsen.

Known from "Blame".
In asia by the name K. Cid (Gnol) , but in DK as Tom Bøll.
Working with "Chubby’s" and Copenhagen "Cardwheel".

Is with David the basics since day one.
Daily to find at Musical Ground Course in Vojens.
Play on the side with 80’s band "The Nightriders" and "Just In Case".

Played steelpan in his youth, hometown "Haderslev Marimba Steelband", which shows him Germany and USA (Colorado, Wyoming, Utah).
After meeting up with Fuzzy Samuel travelling to Caribien to gather inspiration.

Closely played duo with Peter Thorup in the eighties and cooperated with writer Finn TH. Bachmann, debut-releasing "Under The Horizon", 1989. This release features Lars “Smiley” (harpe) , Peter Thorup (guitar, backing vocal) , Pierre B. Michaelsen (guitar) , Jens Jefsen (bass) , Jan Lysdahl (drums) and TV2 bass-player Georg Olesen.
The following years in "Poulin & The Small Used" (Wili Jönson, Pierre B. Michaelsen, Klaus Kvik) with whom the live-cd “Rough Signed” comes out alongside "A Thousand Roads" including danish hit by same name and danish hit "Stella Nova".

Fuzzy - Born in Antigua, in the Caribbean, he grew up in London, England, teaching himself to play various instruments including ukelele, guitar, keyboards, and establishing a reputation as a bassist, touring England and Europe with various Ska, Reggae and Soul bands. He played with guitarist Junior Marvin in his band, Blue Ace Unit where he got the nickname 'Fuzz' by playing his bass through a fuzz box. He recorded for the successful band, The Equals, lead by Eddy Grant and then formed a trio, The Sundae Times with schoolmate, Dell Richardson on guitar and vocals and drummer Conrad Isadore, his rhythm section mate from Joe E Young & The Tonics. One album was released, Us Colored Kids, scoring a top ten hit in Israel with a song called Abba Abba, written and produced by Eddy Grant. The trio disbanded.
The rhythm section of Fuzz and Conrad were then hired to record Stephen Stills' first solo album which included superstars Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Mama Cass, Rita Coolidge, Ringo Starr, Billy Preston and The Memphis Horns. During this time he worked with P.P. Arnold performing under the name Axis.

A big break came getting him a position with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Working sessions between London and Los Angeles, he became part of Manassas, with Stephen Stills, Chris Hillman, Dallas Taylor, Joe Lala, Paul Harris and Al Perkins, cutting two albums and touring for three years while finding time to do concerts with the band America.

Wrote and recorded songs with Marianne Faithful along with Steve Winwood in the early 1980s. Later he joined the Alvin Lee Band along with Mick Taylor and Tom Compton. For Taj Mahal, he worked on the Broadway musical, Mule Bone written by Langston Hughes and Zora Lee Hurston, with music composed by Taj starring blues man Kenny Neal. In the early 1990s he teamed up with Bobby keys, Mick Taylor, Nicky Hopkins and Ivan Neville as Tumbling Dice. Now he is performing as a solo artist on Bouzouki and Vocals a World Beat blend of Blues, Reggae, Calypso, Classic Rock and Folk songs.

Denis - Brooklyn born, raised in New York, Denis fell under the harmonica's spell at the age of nine but at seven, he had been taking singing lessons. "Later, after we moved from Long Island to Beacon, an upstate town along the Hudson River, Pete Seeger gave a little concert in our grammar school classroom. I wasn't much larger than his twelve string guitar and practically sitting under it in the first row, as he played and sang. Naturally we sang along! By high school I would catch his local shows whenever I could, and listen to AM radio all night. With those ‘clear through' stations you could pick up shows as far away as Louisiana and Chicago at night. Living close to a media center like New York also exposed me to all kinds of music. I guess it just took root and eventually grew to be the better part of me."

At Fort Benning, Georgia in 1967 he formed his first band, a vocal trio. "I sometimes believe that little experience saved my life. It was an escape, just a diversion from the madness, but on a certain level it worked as an avenue of pure expression, especially in the original stuff. My assignment took me to Friedberg, Germany, Elvis Presley's military home." Returning to the states in 1969, he took up residence in New York City, studying film, music and communications at Fordham College, graduating in 1972.

"In the summer of ‘76 I enrolled in a South Florida Music school and by the fall I was jamming with Jazz legend Ira Sullivan at the Unitarian Church in South Miami, joining his ‘Friends' band by ‘78, primarily as a percussionist. We played


No Shoes - 5 Long Years - 2007
Olufsen Records.
HipCat Studio, Kolding.

No Shoes - TV2 Bornholm 2003 & '04

Fuzzy's solo recordings:
Fuzzy Samuel - Virgin - 1981
This Train Still Runs - 1999
Organic Blues - 2000
Love Don't Taste Like Chicken - 2001

appears on:
Gold and Platnium Recordings
Crosby Stills Nash & Young - 4 Way Street
Graham Nash - Songs For Beginners
Stephen Stills (1)
Stephen Stills (2)
Manassas - Double Album
Manassas - Down The Road
Rita Coolidge (1)*
Dr John - Sun Moon & Herbs
The Who - Tommy Film Soundtrack
Marianne Faithful - Dangerous Acquaintances

Appearing on Other Recordings
Herbie Mann - London Underground
Eddy Grant & The Equals - several releases
Taj Mahal - Mule Bone (GRAMMY NOMINATED)
Chili Charles - Busy Corner
Kevin Ayers - Sweet Deceiver
Parliament Funkadelics - Maggot Brain
Jimmy Cliff - one album
Eddie Kirkland - Demolition Blues
Mickey Baker - one album
Sean Gonzales & Archie Lee Hooker
Denis Farley - two releases
Maxayn - one release
Mike Pinera - one release
No Shoes - one release

Denis Farley's solo recordings
Biscayne Bay - Baroque 1984
Pryvit Blewz - Flat Baroque - 1988
Moodswing Woogie - Flat Baroque - 1996
Pretty Blue - 2007

Appears On:
Rio Grande
The Shival Experience - Live at B.B. King's
Copulation Compilation (Top Juke CD for over 5 years, includes 'Hustler's Lament' licensed production, performance from 'Pryvit Blewz').

Set List

No Shoes plays Blues, classic rock, reggae, salsa, ethnic, pop, calypso, R&B, country, soul, skiffle and folk.