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"Denis Farley - LP Pryvit Blewz"

Flat Baroque JAN882 stereo LP record album. Released 1988.
Our Policy: I have 25 years experience as a record dealer and record show promoter. I use the Goldmine grading system. Check my feedback for assurance, and buy with confidence. I go through tens of thousands of records every year, and only the most unique and interesting, and best condition vinyl ends up on eBay. Denis noticed this LP for sale on eBay and provided us with this additional information about his record: "Here's some extra tid bits about Pryvit Blewz that might help the marketing. It was listed as the BEST NEW BLUES Recording of May 1988 at WUWF-FM, a 100,000 watt station in Pensacola, FL. That area (about 100 miles back then) may have been enhanced by repeater towers around the state and Panhandle area and other kinds of networks employed then by regional and state NPR radio. Also the last tune on side one, Hustlers Lament went on to be licensed to that underground juke CD from Mobile Records, then Memory Machine, Harveys Music and now Galaxy Music Distributors, The Copulation Compilation which included some of his top selling 45rpm juke 7 inch vinyl. It had a nice run as a CD, since 93, but is in limbo now with the transition to downloads. denis." Condition: Record is near mint. Former radio station copy with color code stripe on cover and other possible markings. - Pouring Rain Muisc

"Artist Review"

Denis Farley plays a fresh and exciting blend of blues, folk and Caribbean music. A harmonica player by trade, his down-home music eloquently straddles the rickety rural fence that divides blues and folk. -

"Jazz Special Review - No Shoes CD"

Blues-Rock veteran Niels Ole Poulin has one of the phattest vocals on the Danish Blues Scene. It is a voice instantly recognized in the traffic jam of international blueslingers, made more compelling by a melodic approach to lyric and harmony. It is lovely to hear a voice in the traditional Delta Blues style, cured in road houses, juke joints and smoke, that doesn't sacrifice clarity or emotional nuance.

With his group, No Shoes, from Haderslev, DK he has released IMHO the blues album of the year with help from an international mix of guest artists and sidemen: Shawn Gonzales, Hermann Heinz, Calvin "Fuzzy" Samuel (bass player on several platinum records to include CSN&Y, Manassas, Dr.John), and Denmark's own top drawer blues talent, and fellow traveler, Ken Lending. There is plenty of soul influenced vocal backing and down and dirty instrumental solos including Delta slide, finger picked acoustic electric, flat picking and Memphis styled tenor sax. It is an attractive package that should do the vets proud and prove a vehicle for the rookies to go the distance. - Jazz Special

""Denis Farley: The Poetic Harp""

"Denis Farley: The Poetic Harp" --The Curry Coastal Pilot, OR 7/95
Growing up in New York City, Denis Faley learned a few things about the back alleys of music, enough to know the mainstream was a little one way for him.
Farley has gone from folk to blues to jazz to calypso, but he' settled on an eclectic brand of blues and folk, a melding of harmonica and poetry that would probably ring as true throught the streets of Greenwigh Village as it will through Azalea Park Tuesday.
"I cut my teeth in Miami, but I abosrbed it in New York," Farley said of his music style. "I listened to AM radio incessantly."
Farley, who has played with blues legend John Lee Hooker and folk legend Pete Seeger, said the folk influenece is still the most apparent.
He has also played many instruments, but harmonica is closest to his heart. "It is a magical instrument for me," he said. - The Curry Coastal Pilot, OR 7/95

""Moodswing Woogie" Review"

"Moodswing Woogie" is the perfect title for Denis Farley's newest release. Consisting of mainly original material that ranges from upbeat boogie blues to slow folksey ballads, this CD will make you want to get up and dance one minute, and then sit back and contemplate life the next. Featuring a wide array of talented musicians such as Pete Seeger and Calvin "Fuzz" Samuel, this effort reflects the many "moods" of Denis Farley's music. The first two cuts on the CD, "Somebody Else's Blues" and "Gal Rider" are upbeat blues tunes. The title song, "Mood Swing Woogie" is a nice laid back instrumental piece that showcases Farley's soulful harp playing as well as "Fuzz" Samuel on Bass, Brantley Kearns on violin, and Harvey Mandel on guitar. Another favorite, "Long Shadow" is a slow sexy blues tune. The second half of the CD features more folk oriented selections. While "The Pearl" is a very mellow ballad, ""A Wee Bit" is a very upbeat happy folk tune that features Edgar Allen Poe IV on the Jaw Harp. "Love the Years Away" is a lovely romantic tune and the final cut, "Sandy Beach" rings pure Americana complete with an introduction by Pete Seeger telling us to support our national parks and beaches. Focusing on blues and folk music, "Mood Swing Woogie" is a CD with music that reflects our roots and heritage and one artist's musical journey. And it proves that Denis Farley is on the right track. - Sally Upshaw (Tri-State Blues, November '98) - Sally Upshaw - Tri-State Blues

"Press Release - Los Angeles 1998"

This is the third release for Denis Farley on his home grown label, Flat Baroque Records. 1988's PRYVIT BLEWZ received a "Best New Blues Recording" at the Florida Panhandle 100,000 watt NPR Station, WUWF-FM 88.1, in May of 1988. This inspired the flat baroque promotional team to split their personalties more than they could possibly afford and extend this regional perfidy to the growing list of radio stations the insomniacs down in the research department were sure existed somewhere just over the rainbow. Naturally tracking this nightmare was the bane of all possible conventional recreation and sometimes food (". . . my how trim you're looking these days denis!") and a boon to the local telephone company. Conversations with strangers in remote 30 watt community stations could extend to weather, the local bar scene and various places where one might find a bed while hitchhiking . . . ummm, touring through town. Despite this madness or perhaps as a direct result, PRYVIT BLEWZ, received air plays (regular play list additions) from Florida to Alaska and Europe as well.

The cut 'Hustler's Lament' from the album was licensed to Mobile Records' juke compilation release and has stayed in the top ten 'Street Beat' charts covering that market since 1992. The CD is on its way to juke box history of sorts, having already reached the 'classic' stage at Mobile Records, which went belly up in the face of all this success, and has reemerged as Memory Machine Records under the umbrella of Harvey's Music in Pittsburgh, PA . . . All this despite including ‘Hustler's Lament' in the lineup, although the technicians at the pressing plant were sure the disc was somehow "heavier" with its inclusion. - Pouring Rain Music


No Shoes - 5 Long Years - 2007
Olufsen Records.
HipCat Studio, Kolding.

No Shoes - TV2 Bornholm 2003 & '04

Fuzzy's solo recordings:
Fuzzy Samuel - Virgin - 1981
This Train Still Runs - 1999
Organic Blues - 2000
Love Don't Taste Like Chicken - 2001

appears on:
Gold and Platnium Recordings
Crosby Stills Nash & Young - 4 Way Street
Graham Nash - Songs For Beginners
Stephen Stills (1)
Stephen Stills (2)
Manassas - Double Album
Manassas - Down The Road
Rita Coolidge (1)*
Dr John - Sun Moon & Herbs
The Who - Tommy Film Soundtrack
Marianne Faithful - Dangerous Acquaintances

Appearing on Other Recordings
Herbie Mann - London Underground
Eddy Grant & The Equals - several releases
Taj Mahal - Mule Bone (GRAMMY NOMINATED)
Chili Charles - Busy Corner
Kevin Ayers - Sweet Deceiver
Parliament Funkadelics - Maggot Brain
Jimmy Cliff - one album
Eddie Kirkland - Demolition Blues
Mickey Baker - one album
Sean Gonzales & Archie Lee Hooker
Denis Farley - two releases
Maxayn - one release
Mike Pinera - one release
No Shoes - one release

Denis Farley's solo recordings
Biscayne Bay - Baroque 1984
Pryvit Blewz - Flat Baroque - 1988
Moodswing Woogie - Flat Baroque - 1996
Pretty Blue - 2007

Appears On:
Rio Grande
The Shival Experience - Live at B.B. King's
Copulation Compilation (Top Juke CD for over 5 years, includes 'Hustler's Lament' licensed production, performance from 'Pryvit Blewz').



the band have had following guests : Fuzzy Samuel, Denis Farley, Shawn Gonzales, Kenn Lending, Toke Skjønnemand, Jesper Agerschou, Jonothan Ash, Frank Nicolaisen and Kent Thomsen.

Known from "Blame".
In asia by the name K. Cid (Gnol) , but in DK as Tom Bøll.
Working with "Chubby’s" and Copenhagen "Cardwheel".

Is with David the basics since day one.
Daily to find at Musical Ground Course in Vojens.
Play on the side with 80’s band "The Nightriders" and "Just In Case".

Played steelpan in his youth, hometown "Haderslev Marimba Steelband", which shows him Germany and USA (Colorado, Wyoming, Utah).
After meeting up with Fuzzy Samuel travelling to Caribien to gather inspiration.

Closely played duo with Peter Thorup in the eighties and cooperated with writer Finn TH. Bachmann, debut-releasing "Under The Horizon", 1989. This release features Lars “Smiley” (harpe) , Peter Thorup (guitar, backing vocal) , Pierre B. Michaelsen (guitar) , Jens Jefsen (bass) , Jan Lysdahl (drums) and TV2 bass-player Georg Olesen.
The following years in "Poulin & The Small Used" (Wili Jönson, Pierre B. Michaelsen, Klaus Kvik) with whom the live-cd “Rough Signed” comes out alongside "A Thousand Roads" including danish hit by same name and danish hit "Stella Nova".

Fuzzy - Born in Antigua, in the Caribbean, he grew up in London, England, teaching himself to play various instruments including ukelele, guitar, keyboards, and establishing a reputation as a bassist, touring England and Europe with various Ska, Reggae and Soul bands. He played with guitarist Junior Marvin in his band, Blue Ace Unit where he got the nickname 'Fuzz' by playing his bass through a fuzz box. He recorded for the successful band, The Equals, lead by Eddy Grant and then formed a trio, The Sundae Times with schoolmate, Dell Richardson on guitar and vocals and drummer Conrad Isadore, his rhythm section mate from Joe E Young & The Tonics. One album was released, Us Colored Kids, scoring a top ten hit in Israel with a song called Abba Abba, written and produced by Eddy Grant. The trio disbanded.
The rhythm section of Fuzz and Conrad were then hired to record Stephen Stills' first solo album which included superstars Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Mama Cass, Rita Coolidge, Ringo Starr, Billy Preston and The Memphis Horns. During this time he worked with P.P. Arnold performing under the name Axis.

A big break came getting him a position with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Working sessions between London and Los Angeles, he became part of Manassas, with Stephen Stills, Chris Hillman, Dallas Taylor, Joe Lala, Paul Harris and Al Perkins, cutting two albums and touring for three years while finding time to do concerts with the band America.

Wrote and recorded songs with Marianne Faithful along with Steve Winwood in the early 1980s. Later he joined the Alvin Lee Band along with Mick Taylor and Tom Compton. For Taj Mahal, he worked on the Broadway musical, Mule Bone written by Langston Hughes and Zora Lee Hurston, with music composed by Taj starring blues man Kenny Neal. In the early 1990s he teamed up with Bobby keys, Mick Taylor, Nicky Hopkins and Ivan Neville as Tumbling Dice. Now he is performing as a solo artist on Bouzouki and Vocals a World Beat blend of Blues, Reggae, Calypso, Classic Rock and Folk songs.

Denis - Brooklyn born, raised in New York, Denis fell under the harmonica's spell at the age of nine but at seven, he had been taking singing lessons. "Later, after we moved from Long Island to Beacon, an upstate town along the Hudson River, Pete Seeger gave a little concert in our grammar school classroom. I wasn't much larger than his twelve string guitar and practically sitting under it in the first row, as he played and sang. Naturally we sang along! By high school I would catch his local shows whenever I could, and listen to AM radio all night. With those ‘clear through' stations you could pick up shows as far away as Louisiana and Chicago at night. Living close to a media center like New York also exposed me to all kinds of music. I guess it just took root and eventually grew to be the better part of me."

At Fort Benning, Georgia in 1967 he formed his first band, a vocal trio. "I sometimes believe that little experience saved my life. It was an escape, just a diversion from the madness, but on a certain level it worked as an avenue of pure expression, especially in the original stuff. My assignment took me to Friedberg, Germany, Elvis Presley's military home." Returning to the states in 1969, he took up residence in New York City, studying film, music and communications at Fordham College, graduating in 1972.

"In the summer of ‘76 I enrolled in a South Florida Music school and by the fall I was jamming with Jazz legend Ira Sullivan at the Unitarian Church in South Miami, joining his ‘Friends' band by ‘78, primarily as a percussionist. We played