3 guys that play their music as hard , loud and with as much passion as they can!


Nosis was born out of a grungy basement in N.W. Calgary , AB in 04 . Each member of the band has brought influences from all different generes of music such as stoner rock , metal and alt. rock , to create thier own brand of highenergy sound driven music of what they consider a style they call basement rock! They have worked hard over the past 4 years playing the local scene in Calgary and recording the soon to be released EP titled "Wash Me". Thanks to the internet ( The band has gained fans from around the globe , mainly in Australia where they have had several requests for their EP. At home in Calgary Nosis has built up a solid and loyal following. The band never dissapoints live often being described by fans as a bunch of monkeys jumping around on stage! Nosis is hoping soon to travel out of familiar ground and hit the road in the summer.


Soon to be released: "Wash Me"
An 8 song EP including the bands own version
of Led Zepplins "Immigrant Song"

Set List

Our typical set list is about 8-10 songs depending on how much time we are given to play. Only one set is played and it lasts from 35mins up to about an hour and 20 mins.
Songs played are all our own except one cover song.
The songs are:
Wash Me
We feel it
Hoe Stop
Desert Camel song
If I was a girl
Why Can't
Ground sky eye lie
Cut yourself
Amoros Perros
Immigrant Song (Led Zep Cover)