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The best kept secret in music


"It’s no small wonder this band is popular on campus"

"A self-described emo-acoustic act, nosmallwonder focuses on the beauty of the guitar and the voice for their sound. They turn strongly toward their faith and beliefs as a source of guidance and motivation for their sound. But while some Christian artists seem compelled to convert everyone who listens to them, often coming off more confrontational and elitist than motivational, nosmallwonder avoids this pitfall. Their songs focus on their relationships with others and their own feelings towards the world and their beliefs, broadening their appeal beyond the congregations.

The band does its best to keep the focus on the music and their performance and has developed a fairly devoted fan base in the process. Whenever possible, they avoid charging for their shows, a strong appeal for the younger audience. They have recently played shows and festivals all over the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas, reaching out into Wisconsin and North Dakota and returning regularly to the Dunn Bros. Depot location in downtown Minneapolis."

- Hamline Oracle-March 2005

""Packing Acoustic Emo at their shoulders...""

Last Saturday night it was the Eagles in Mandan that was the place to be. Some 200 young people turned out for a great time. And though I'd like to take a minute for each band...I didn't get to see all the bands, so I'll focus on the one of two bands I saw. The one I really went there for: No Small Wonder.

All though, with every show these guys appear at they never seem to quite fit the genre, packing acoustic emo at their holsters, they always ending up fitting right next to our hearts.With beautiful songs about friends, girls and friends who are girls. However as a long stated tradition in emo music to talk about the loss of love and heartbreak felt when a girl steps on your will to live, there seems to be something else something more cryptic that gives No Small Wonder's David Mau and Eric Stuberg a leading edge.

Second in line to play, David and Eric took the stage ready to "wow" a room full of adoring fans along with many newcomers. The sound set up with simple enough, two vocals mics; two acoustic guitars plugs into the main system. However with a jumpy start the duo launched into there first song and had to stop seconds in as the system began to cut in and out. Spending most of their time trying to fix the sound, the band and crew were noticeably frustrated; with heavy sighs and grimaces.

So with that, unable to play a full set over the PA, No Small Wonder took to the great outdoors. Packing up there gear and merch a hoard of young fans followed the emotional giants into the cover of dusk to the east lawn of the venue. I believe it was at this point, we saw the true hearts of these young men.

Most bands would have walked off stage, probably smashed something, definitely posted their middle fingers high and told everybody to f*** off. But David and Eric thanked everyone, apologized and gracefully walked off stage with music still burning in their hearts and muscle memory fresh in their fingers. They laid out blankets, calling everyone to gather in tight so as not to catch a chill. We should have all been wearing our long emo scarves that night.

Though cold, the night was charged with electricity as the pair started in to the exact set they would have played moments before. They changed nothing, nothing was done differently, clearly these gentlemen came to play for their friends, so onward they forged into the humid night air. David forcefully dragged his cold cramping fingers across the icey razor-sharp steal strings, glancing at Eric to view the same winces of pain on his face as the chill of night slowly broke the notes from perfect pitch.

However something else dwelt among the dueling brotherhood of music, masked in lyrical sonnets about girls and best friends, the team with passion moved into a deeper devotion as the Spirit of the Most High God rested on them and began to be glorified by hearts full of praise and worship. No Small Wonder not only strummed with a passionate abandon for their friends and loved ones but because they felt love from a fatherly God who blessed them with gifts of song and joy and rest.

Between songs, David spoke words from his heart, not holding back a sentence to the curious onlookers. He spoke of a friend who had recently hung himself at their school and the tragedy that encompasses such a chaotic end to human life. But with hope in his voice David gathered courage and spoke of peace and rest found in a friendship with Jesus Christ. Out of the 15 or so fans sitting on those blankets, most of them probably knew of this friendship but with a pursuit of justice, David looked to his partner in worship and declared five words that rang as loud as anything I've ever heard at a concert.

"It needs to be said."

Nothing could be closer to the truth than what David said that night. Because although the soundboard allegedly shorted out and caused a small fire shortly after No Small Wonder exited the building, the word of God and the proclamation of the name of Jesus Christ as the King of Glory was not stifled today. The declaration of peace from depression and the joy of salvation found only in Jesus was yet again voiced victoriously into the sky. The gates of hell and emensity of darkness did not prevail that night as planned.

Instead Mau and Stuberg rolled up their sleeves once more and accomplished the ultimate mission of the band and as people, to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ that continues to hold the absolute authority over darkness and the enemies of light.

Thanks again to David, Eric and families" Mau and Stuberg for the support of No Small Wonder and mission of Christ our risen Lord!

You guys have incredible hearts of worship and we are blessed to have you in our community as often as you are able. God Bless You
- Mike Bain-Torchfest Festival Coordinator

"nosmallwonder at Dunn Brothers (12/11/04)"

"His closely shaved face, and short dishwater blonde hair, along with his humor and affection give him something no woman can resist. He’s the real star of the band. A voice like French silk pie, something you can’t seem to get enough of...A bright eyed girl, no older than 16, stares adoringly at David; seduces him in hopes of becoming his. Less noticeable to the other girls, who seem to all be after the same thing. As the two boys look out at their adoring fans, eyelashes flutter, hoping to catch someone’s eye. Nothing is more adorable than a boy with a guitar and a voice like chocolate milk. The boy with the green shirt starts another song. Named David, or Davey, as we more affectionately call him. The shirt is mossy colored, brings out the red in his cheek. He speaks intently into the microphone. As if this is his last chance at living. Eric strums his guitar as David talks about the football game. He seems to be the charmer. Eric is slightly different, but still has the same effect on the audience, or should I say the girls.

The appeal of each of them pours over the audience, puts a spell on them. The man on his laptop across from me stands up suddenly, disturbing his coffee. He walks threateningly toward the door, stands to listen, and roughly walks back. “They’re good!” he says excitedly. Shocking response, considering his stiff frame."

"nosmallwonder at the Fine Line (October 2004)"

"Already the twosome has built quite a following. After playing across the state at their packed show at the Fine Line, the boys are tasting their first piece of success., especially via the Internet. On Web sites such as, No Small Wonder is ranked fourth for acoustic indie bands out of over 1,500 entries. They have also received attention from labels like Tooth and Nail and Fervent Records, though they haven’t yet made a commitment.

With a packed touring schedule through the fall including sets at the Fine Line and the Quest, nosmallwonder isn’t looking to slow down. In between the eight songs the band plays on this Monday night, they lean back and chat with the crowd and with each other, unaffected by the bright lights above them which cause others to sweat. Instead, it looks as though these boys are starting to get used to the spotlight."
- Pulse of the Twin Cities


The Lost Youth (August 2007)
In Case You Were Wondering (April 2006)
brokennearsperfection (January 2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Taking acoustic minimalism to a new level, nosmallwonder has redefined the limits of a three piece band. With 3 Guitars and a drummer, the group has taken its blending of soft acoustic ballads and driving rythmic anthems into the hearts of youth in the Midwest and Southern California. 120+ concerts later, they can hardly believe the overwhelming response to their music, especially considering their beginnings:

nosmallwonder was the instant connection of Eric Stuberg and David Mau in North Dakota in the spring of 2002. Since the Band's debut at Knollapalooza Festival in May of 2004, the group has exploded onto the scene, playing an average of 6 concerts a month. Beyond Minot, North Dakota, nosmallwonder has been able to take their mission and their music to not only Minnesota, but the entire midwest, and now Los Angeles, Ventura, and San Diego...

The expolsion has been most noticible online. On alone, the band has had over 135,000 plays, making them the #1 christian acoustic act in the Midwest or Southern California. Reviews, Fans, and most importantly the impact they see on others lives is what motivates nosmallwonder towards making music that encourages others:

"The Top up-and-coming artists in Minnesota."
-Kim King of the Fine Line Music Cafe (

"I just wanted to thank you for playing at Sonshine (Festival). It really meant alot to me, more than you'll ever know. Your songs touched me in a way i can't explain. This year has been very hard for me and the message in your songs hit me in such a transforming way. So thank you guys for you music. Thank you for everything i hope that you understand and know that your music is helping me to turn my life back on the right track, that your changing at least one life. Thank you from the bottom of me heart."
-Katie Grohs of St. Paul

"I'm always looking forward to No Small Wonder. The beauty of their lyrics and music grows vastly with each show."
-Mike Bain, Organizer of Torchfest 2005

"I usually am a little iffy about Christian music, but when I first heard your songs a few days ago I was floored. They are fabulous! Anyways Just thought that I would drop you a little message to let you know how much I appreciate your uncommonly good Christian music "
-Tasha Robinson of the A.V. Club (

" looks as though these boys are starting to get used to the spotlight."
-Pulse of the Twin Cities (October 2004)

"I have only recently discovered SoundClick and spent most of my working day playing your gorgeous song Approaching The Distance. Thank you so much for bringing this song into my life. I couldn't believe my luck to stumble
across such an absoulutely beautiful gem."
-Catherine Brenanne of England

"I dont say this often, but i really liked your demo. good stuff"
-Mikee Bridges, Coordinator of Tomfest Festival

"A voice like French silk pie, something you can’t seem to get enough of..."

"Good, simple, clean, acoustic songs. Keep it up..."
-Mo Thieman-Nightvision Artist Management

"I don't do A&R, but if I did, [Wave the town goodbye] is exactly what I'd be looking for."
-Aaron Manes-Word Records