No Sorrow

No Sorrow

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Americana/blue rock/folk grass fusion. Tales of life on the river, heartbreak, and redemption; music you can stomp your feet to ...


Once upon a time a heavy rock band evolved into something completely different.  Minimalist in nature, but not in sound, No Sorrow fills the gaps between the genres of Americana, folk, bluegrass, and acoustic rock.  

The exact genre is a little difficult to pin down, but this is the organic result of past influences melding with new inspiration; perhaps what is to be expected when a rock guitarist picks up a mandolin, a drummer gets a banjo and three-part harmonies replace rock anthem vocals.

No Sorrow is:

Joe Glaser - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Keys

Nick Snow - Vocals, Guitar, U-Bass

Aaron Cordell - Vocals, Banjo, Drums, Percussion, Harmonica

No Sorrow's debut album will be coming out in the Spring of 2016 ...


No Sorrow is a sprout risen from the ashes of a band called Hydrashock. Joe, Nick, and Aaron's shows under that name will continue to be listed in the show history.  Hydrashock's last show was April 16, 2011.


No Sorrow © 2013 Joe Glaser

Written By: Joe Glaser

Come on down to the Outback Crab Shack
Bucket full of crab in a jet black Cadillac
Pour another beer and have another heart attack
Everybody dies so why try to prevent it?

Life aint easy when you’re livin so hard
Pullin' fish all day, slingin' grease in the backyard
Ran outta butter so I used pure lard …
To make your welcome home cake, welcome to the graveyard.

Makes no difference rain or shine
Either we’re livin life
Don’t worry how I spend my time …
Cuz you’re not livin mine

Swamp boat buzzin like a big bee in a crick
Lightin up the night with a bright glowin cancer stick
Take another drag, then let your pa have a hit
Everybody dies inside before their body quits.

Soul rise up to the great divide …
Two crooked paths and you can’t see the other side
Sober can’t sleep but drunk can’t drive.
Waitin on fate, just tryin to catch a free ride.

Makes no difference rain or shine
Either way we’re livin life
Don’t worry how I spend my time …
Cuz you’re not livin mine

Dancin with a crocodile down in the sand …
Death roll dizzy but I still don’t understand
Which is the path of the righteous man,
And which one burns like a fish in a frying pan?

Tight-rope walkin’ cross the great divide.
Flip a tin coin with nothin on either side.
Snakes on the ground and fire in the sky,
Bottle in my hand, no sorrow in my eyes.


Debut Album Track Listing (Coming Spring 2016):

1. Riversong

2. My Sweetness

3. Fourth of July

4. Whitewater, White Lightning

5. Knees Get Weak

6. You Bug Me

7. Ode to Roadkill

8. No Sorrow

Set List

  1. River Song
  2. My Sweetness
  3. White Water, White Lightning
  4. Knees Get Weak
  5. You Bug Me
  6. Ode to Roadkill
  7. Fourth of July
  8. No Sorrow
  9. Breaking Dawn
  10. Please Come Home
  11. Season of Change
  12. For All She Cares
  13. Barn Burner (Calumet cover)
  14. Minglewood Blues (Old Crow cover)
  15. Tell It To Me (Old Crow cover)
  16. You Can't Always Get What You Want (folk-style Stones cover)
  17. Damn that River (folk-style AIC cover)
  18. Mary Jane's Last Dance (folk-style Petty cover)
  19. On the Road (Houndmouth Cover)