No Spam Dan

No Spam Dan


Want to send email your customers will be happy to receive? I'm your man - No Spam Dan. The email I produce is so cool I often stand up a parties and say with pride "My name is Dan, and I am an Email Marketer". I live in BROOKLYN but I'm moving to Central Square in CAMBRIDGE very soon.


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My influences include Web Usability Guru Jakob
Nielsen ("people don't read online, make it short"), no-BS blog style writing (make it honest and people will want to read it), and various practitioners of email marketing best practices (especially their early stuff).


I have produced countless email newsletters that always strive to be genuinely interesting and marketing-fluff free. The key is understanding what your customers want from you and how you can help them. I also have experience with dynamic content, triggered messages, segmentation, list management and all the fun stuff that goes along with sophisticated email marketing.

Set List

Newsletters, triggered email messages, lots of colorful images, plentiful opportunites for feedback, email content that creates a sense of relationship and a Bach piece I learned by ear. I also play some Neopolitan folk music on classical guitar that's really sweet.