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The best kept secret in music


"On a tour"

Two music students from high-school Jean- Raimbault are on their way to making it big.
They might have a chance to represent Canada in Europe.

John Ludovic Mandeville and his friend, drummer Yannick Laplante, are very proud of what is happening to them these days. Indeed, since they have enrolled in the contest ¨Emergenza Canada Europe¨ , they are hyped up for no small reason: they would like to go to Europe in order to represent Canada in this important event.
When John and Yannick were both students in the music program at Jean- Raimbault high school in Drummondville, they were united for one common goal only three years ago: music. The two boys decided to start playing on a regular basis as a band.

Since then, the two musicians decided to play in shows under the name ¨No Speed Limit¨. They play a music style that sounds like instrumental rock crossing over between progressive and metal music. The young artists who are still actively looking for a bass player and a singer have already participated in the ¨Festival Arts and Spectacles¨ in 2002. This event brought together 80 participants and only 14 among the 80 were chosen to record a song on the CD created especially for this festival.

It’s a family affair.

When we hear the guitar player’s name, Mandeville, we can wonder if this talented young man is a relative to the late Gaston Mandeville, writer and singer. Yes, they are related. In fact, Gaston Mandeville was John Ludovic’s uncle and godfather. Moreover, John did attend some of his uncle’s concerts at the time when John’s father, Jacques, was Gaston Mandeville’s guitar player.

( picture ) The young John Ludovic, on stage with his father Jacques at the age of three. That day, the little boy came with his father, who was brother and guitar player to late Gaston Mandeville. Jacques was giving a benefit concert at Centre Marcel Dionne for ¨Leucan¨.

An important contest

The contest ¨Emergenza Canada Europe ¨ is an important one especially for the young musicians are taking over. In this contest, all musical styles are admitted. The 11th edition of the contest will permit 12 971 music bands to play. Competitions will be held simultaneously in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal for Canada and London, Berlin, Paris, Rome and Munich for Europe. A total of 18 944 concerts in 14 countries are on the program!

Concerning John Ludovic and Yannick, they enrolled in November 2002. After having given an amazing performance in Montreal in February, the duo from Drummondville ¨No Speed Limit¨ who was running against more than 168 bands from every corner of the province was chosen for the semi-finals. The band will be playing in Montreal at ¨Club Soda¨ and will then be running against 90 other competitors.

The band ¨No Speed Limit¨ created of two 15 – years – old boys will measure themselves to bands composed of 4 to 7 musicians who are a lot older than them, that is between 20 and 30 years old. Interestingly, John Ludovic and Yannick Laplante are the youngest participants.

If they win in Montreal at the semi-finals, they will appear on ¨Musique Plus¨ television station. More importantly, they will represent Canada ( and the city of Drummondville ) in Germany.

A vote from the public … a call to all people!

During the semi-finals that will be held in Montreal soon, the winning band will be announced. A vote from the public will declare the winning band. John Ludovic and Yannick are counting the Drummondville population to go to encourage them in Montreal at Club Soda, Thursday April 17th. A bus trip is organized. The ticket cost $15 and includes transport and a free CD from No Speed Limit. The tickets are on sail at ¨Style Musique¨ located at 421 St-Pierre street. To obtain more information, all you need to do is dial 474-1914. This is an excellent way to encourage our young musicians from Drummondville.
- Newspaper ¨La Parole¨.


John Ludovic Mandeville tries his luck as a guitar hero. Hel will have to eliminate a candidate November 2nd.

John Ludovic Mandeville, from Drummondville, was chosen to participate in ¨Guitar Hero¨, a contest in Montreal that brings together some of the best guitar players in the province. The contest will award a prize to the best guitarist.

Mandeville, who is 17 years old, has already eliminated a contestant in the past weeks. He will have to do it again November 2nd to keep on rising to the top. He will be in contest with an experienced guitarist ( 32 years ) at ¨Les Foufounes Électriques¨.

The young guitar player from Drummondville was filmed during his performance by the television station Musique Plus as the Guitar Hero contest was launched. Mandeville will be the subject of a report on the program ¨Têtes à Kat¨ which will be on air November 10 on Radio-Canada.

The Guitar Hero contest is organized after the success of last year’s ¨Drummer Kombat¨.

( picture ) Just 17 years old, the guitar player from Drummondville, John Ludovic Mandeville was chosen to participate in ¨Guitar Hero¨, a contest in Montreal that reunites the best guitar players in the province.
- News paper ¨La Parole¨

"Band ¨No Speed Limit¨ will play in New-York in November"

The new band ¨No Speed Limit¨ just got very good news. The trio has recently received a ticket which permits a participation in the New-York International Music Festival. This is a showcase that brings together 300 music bands from everywhere.

Things are going very well and very fast for ¨No Speed Limit¨ band members Yannick Laplante, John Ludovic Mandeville and Dave Hyland. Last summer, they won the contest ¨Jeune Talent¨ at the Drummondville fair. This lead the band to the Saint-Hyacinthe fair for the regional finale in which they were classified second runner – up.

In order to present a new product during their next trip to United States, ¨No Speed Limit¨ recorded their new latest album: ¨Illogical World¨. This album was recorded in Montreal at ¨Sound Beat record¨ and includes six songs in English.

¨We were chosen among many other bands. There will be people from all over during the New-York music Fest which gives a chance to artists to be noticed in the industry. Big record companies will be there. We are aware of the opportunity we got.¨ says Dave Hyland. ¨It’s a chance to show people what we are able to do. For us, it’s a motivating project more than the fact that it is stressful.¨ states Dave Hyland, the latest member and singer in the band.

( picture ) The band ¨No Speed Limit¨ just completed the recording of their album which will be soon available in Drummondville. On the photograph, we can see Philippe Kyprianou, sound engineer, as well as the band members from Drummondville: Dave Hyland, John Ludovic Mandeville, and Yannick Laplante.

Before November, the band will go to New-York City where ¨they will practice pratically like if they were at boot camps¨ says band manager Shirley Bergeron. There will be intense practice everynight as well as daytime music classes to receive proficiency courses. ¨The boys are extremely organized. It’s a big deal for them and they realize it ¨ concludes Mrs Bergeron.
- The Express

"Americans interested in No Speed Limit’s music"

Arts and Entertainment

Americans interested in No Speed Limit’s music
The band is going to Hollywood in March

The band from Drummondville, No Speed Limit, is on its way to making it big. The band got an invitation to present a number of shows and their album in an important showcase in Los Angeles. This evetn will bring together important people from the American music industry.

John Ludovic Mandeville and Yannick Laplante who are presently studying at high school Jean – Raimbault as well as Dave Hyland, who attends classes at the Cégep of Drummondville will be in Los Angeles from March 4 to March 10 to participate in this major event.

Last November, the trio went to United States in New-York to take part in a similar event. More than 300 artists from every where in North America tried their luck on that occasion.

¨The boys gave a show for the American talent search. They were approached by three publicists and record companies, two of which were MotherShip connection and Aka records. The Americans were amazed by their contemporary rock music style and their young age. They are only between 15 and 18 years old. They were invited to a television program ( Changing Faces ) and got an appearance in the New-York Press newspaper. ¨ stated Shirley Bergeron, No Speed Limit’s manager.

The young men succeeded in catching New-York’s eye. They will certainly be able to do the same in Hollywood.

Then, as soon as they are back in Quebec, No Speed Limit will proceed in the launching of the first album entitled ¨Winning by myself¨ All this should be done around the month of April.

( picture ) Next March, the band from Drummondville No Speed Limit is going to Los Angeles to participate in a showcase for young artists.

- The Express

"No Speed Limit sets out to conquer United States"

The trio from Drummondville, No Speed Limit, is about to launch its next single album ¨Sacrifice¨ and has just produced the videoclip for the song. The record should be released before next spring. With its rock style that is described as a mix of different genres, No Speed Limit rocks. The melody to ¨ Sacrifice ¨is close to Sum 41’s style a band that sounds almost as heavy as Metallica. ¨As for the band’s sound¨, says John Ludovic Mandeville, No Speed Limit’s 17 – year – old guitar player, we resemble Evanescence. It’s very hard to compare sound and style. ¨ The band hopes that the single will play on the radio before the year is over. The band also hopes that the videoclip will make its debut on Musique Plus T.V. station at the same period.

No Speed Limit, which also includes singer Dave Hyland and drummer Yannick Laplante has only existed officially for two years, but already attracts important companies’ attention in United States such as Epic Records. Epic signed bands like AC/DC, Audioslave, Good Charlotte, and Korn. The boys from Drummondville showed what they could do during the New-York International Music Festival which was held first in New-York and then in Los Angeles. It is on their trip to Los Angeles that No Speed Limit was noticed by Epic. ¨Going to the Music Fest is a real chance to be noticed and recruited by the industry¨, says John Ludovic. ¨We spent ten days in New-York and ten more days in Los Angeles. In New-York, we played three times and in Los Angeles, we played twice. After the show, the man from Epic came to see us. He liked our material, but asked us to refine it. That is why we immediately made ¨Sacrifice¨ explains Mandeville.

On a local basis, John Ludovic Mandeville had the chance to participate in ¨Guitar Hero¨ , a contest in which there are guitar dual rounds. It was another occasion for the boy from Drummondville to show his talent. ¨ The experience was pleasanr. I would have liked to go further, but just to win against a 25 years – old in first round was nice. ¨he states.

If the guitar player’s first name sounds unknown, his last name might ring a bell. He is late Gaston Mandeville’s nephew. Like his uncle, he fell into music when he was little. ¨I followed my uncle and my father’s footsteps. I grew up in the music world and entertainement, so, for sure this strongly influenced my choices. ¨ states John Ludovic.
- Newspaper ¨La Parole¨

"No Speed Limit’s first album will be released in the spring"

No Speed Limit’s first album will be released in the spring
A single will come out in January first

The members of band ¨No Speed Limit¨ have just completed a first videoclip in Montreal and are still working on their first ¨real¨album which should be available in Spring 2005.

John Ludovic Mandeville ( guitar player and nephew of the late Gaston Madeville ) , Dave Hyland ( singer ) , and Yannick Laplante ( drums ) are all young and talented musicians who are between 15 and 18 years old. They would like to obtain a contract from an American record company, no more, no less. The band always has new objectives, Their manager is John Ludovic’s mother. Mrs Bergeron sees to the boys’ interests and goals.

¨Last March, we went to Los Angeles for a showcase and we were approached by Epic/Playtone, a record company. The people from Epic were impressed by the boys’ talent especially at such a young age. They also said that they would like to get new material from us and, if possible, more commercial and accessible to a larger public.¨ stated Shirley Bergeron, the band’s manager.

Let us not forget that the musicians has already been approached by three publicists and several companies such as MotherShip Connection and Aka Recors. These record companies showed their interest for ¨No Speed Limit¨ during a trip to New-York when the band went for the same reasons as their trip to Los Angeles.

According to Mrs. Bergeron, the boys from No Speed Limit have been softening their style for some time.

¨ The band members agree with the term ( contemporary rock ) to describe their music. They do not play ¨metal¨ or ¨fusion¨. Contemporary rock is really the best style to qualify them. ¨ observes the band manager.

Also, the band chose to express themselves in English in their songs. According to Mrs. Bergeron, they did not really have a choice because their type of music is meant more for an English – speaking audience. ¨ said Mrs. Bergeron.
- The Express

"No Speed Limit at the ¨Box Office Cabaret¨"

No Speed Limit at the ¨Box Office Cabaret¨

No Speed limit is giving a show at the Box Office cabaret Thursday, September 22nd, at 8:00p.m. . John Ludovic Mandeville, Dave Hyland, and Yannick Laplante are anxious to present their material to the public.

First, take note that young people under the age of eighteen will be able to be at the concert without any problem since the cabaret is opening its door to a younger audience exceptionally for this concert.

¨ We are going to pursue our promotional tour in the fall. Already, when the boys have given a show, the public has shown a very good open – mindedness. The public seems to like the band. No Speed Limit’s promotional material such as CD’s, t-shirts, posters, and pins will be sold at the concert. ¨ says Shirley Bergeron , the band’s manager, who will also produce the next concert.

The people who show up the night of the sho at the Box Office will get a chance to see the videoclip of their first release ¨Sacrifice¨. This videoclip will be presented before the show and it is important to note that it was mostly made by people in Drummondville.

The first part of the show will be band ¨Unsweetness¨ from St-Germain.

A prize will be drawn among the audience during the interlude. You can obtain tickets on pre-sail for $10 at ¨Disques et Rubans International¨, ¨Pixel¨, ¨Style Musique¨, as well as ¨Ovation box-office¨ ( 477-5412 ). Tickets at the door are $12.
- The Express

"The band members from No Speed Limit are working at full speed"

The band members from No Speed Limit are working at full speed

The three young band members from Drummondville will give a concert at the Box Office Cabaret Thursday, September 22nd, at 8 p.m.

The three No Speed Limit band members are not counting their work hours. The people who have never heard of the band will soon be able to discover them at the Box Office Cabaret. Their style? They, themselves, qualify their music as ¨Contemporary rock. ¨

Up until now, the band has not only participated in two international showcases in Los Angeles and New-York which were concerts given in front of big record companies. They have also produced a single’ s album ¨Sacrifice¨. John Ludovic Mandeville ( 17 years old ), Dave Hyland ( 19 years old ) , and Yannick Laplante ( 17 years old ) are getting ready to record their first official c.d. in October or November 2005 which will serve as a demo for companies.

These three boys who met while they were in high school are real passionate about music. ¨For them, making music is of course a synonym of pleasure, but also of discipline ¨ stated their manager Shirley Bergeron.

Mini – Tour

In May and June 2004, No Speed Limit gave shows in front of many young people. Within the context of a mini – tour in local high schools, No Speed Limit gave concerts in order for the public to get to know them. ¨We will pursue this tour in the fall. Already, when the band gives a show, we are noticing a very good feedback from the public. Promotional material with the band’s effigy will be sold such as cd’s, t-shirts, posters, and pins, said their manager who is also the producer of their next show.

Moreover, the band and its manager counts on participating in other showcases abroad in order to establish strategic contacts. Indeed, the band has already gotten many pats on the back by great name in the industry.

¨During a seminar which was held after a show in L.A. that the band was giving, a member of Epic Records, Mark Wolfson, came to table to us and told us that he found our material interesting. He nonetheless suggested the boys to polish their songs. The boys took his word and have kept on working on their material non stop ¨ claims No Speed Limit’s manager.

Moreover, a contact was established with the team of the famous Canadian singer Bryan Adams which is proof that the young band already has a few good cards to deal with.

Looking for a bass player

No Speed Limit is still searching for a bass player. ¨It’s not really easy to find a good musician the same age as the boys and who fits in the band. We tried with some people, but the match was not what we were looking for. So, we are still looking for a bass player between fourteen and nineteen years old¨ clarified Shirley Bergeron.
- The Express


July 2002 recorded C.D. ¨Winning by myself¨ at Sound Beat Records in Montreal
April 2004 recorded a demo with 7 songs at ConceptSon Studios
July – August 2004 Shooting Video for ¨Sacrifice¨ in Montreal
March 2005 recorded single ¨Sacrifice¨


Feeling a bit camera shy


Il all began in high school when John Ludovic ( guitar ) , who was at the time thirteen years old, met Yannick Laplante who was twelve years old ( drums ). John immediately noticed the young drummer’s talent and offered him to start a band. Without really knowing what this involved, Yannick accepted and the two young musicians then began to write and play pieces. In a frantic and passionate way, they played in competitions that were meant for older musicians and they managed to get classified with brio as instrumental duo. All this was done when they were the youngest participants in these contests! In Montreal, they get 3rd place in the semi-finals at the contest ¨Concours Arts et Spectacles.¨ The young duo was becoming successful but it still needed a singer. It is at a show organized by high school that Dave Hyland offered them to join the band. They interpreted songs from their favorite bands and immediately Dave started writing texts on their own music. The band then decided to participate in more serious contests and to play in shows all around the province of Quebec as well as in showcases in New-York and Los Angeles.