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Nosredna is a collective group of three conscious, daring, and creative artists that’s veering in a separate direction in southern hip hop. The music is produced with unique and eclectic expressions of rhythm and structure. To sum it all up, Nosredna is a cool fresh sound for hip hop.


In the spring of 1999, three curious minds stumbled upon a microphone, instrumental, and a karaoke machine. After innumerable freestyle sessions and several spontaneous songs, the three became serious about compiling hip-hop music. Then, Nosredna consisted of current members Alius-1 and J_Rod and former member Beat Soft. It was not until Labor Day of that same year that Head Law was "recruited" to the team.
In six years, the group has grown lyrically and creatively, attempting to develop its own niche in hip-hop. Discrepancies in schedule and desire gradually drove Beat Soft from the group, ultimately volunteering to take a featured role. From there, the three remaining members continued to gel, forming an impenetrable and sometimes inconceivable bond and chemistry.
Being closely related (Alius-1 and J_Rod are brothers and first cousins to Head Law) and thus in accord for life, it was extremely easy for the group to find common ground, sparking the creative union. The goal has always been to create an original forte, stretching the boundaries of hip-hop, but staying controlled.
Fervor, distinction, sincerity, and realism are all evident qualities of the group, initiating an easy going and adaptable vibe. The recipe has been perfected, as each member developed his own style while remaining within the perimeters of the group.
Alius-1 brings the poetic display of uncommon word diction and expressive speech.
J_Rod adds an emphatic, perfectionist's perspective, a distinctive method often coined as "strategic lay-outs formatted for all listeners" -New,Git,Wit
Head Law completes the line-up with his journalistic delivery, full of jargon and narrative streaming.
The three epitomize the ultimate alliance in search of one goal, shattering convention.
With the first album, Easliy Listening, Nosredna intends to touch all bases and expand all designs. The album's focus is to move between along the spectrum of subject intensity while maintaining an easy-going theme. There is a mixture of southern soul as well as eccentric imagery and ideas.
Collectively, the group strikes every surface, from poetry to first person tirades. Full of figurative language and southern dialect, the group can intrigue you and then ease you with a comical twist.
Influenced by the greatest, the variance of the music stems from organic hip-hop flavor. Although the sound is strictly inventive, Nosredna's ideals and atmosphere stray away from the mainstream in the likes of The Roots, Slum Village, or Outkast; while also maintaining the clever earth touch characteristics of Black Star or Wu-Tang Clan.
Nosredna's music is formatted beyond conventional song schemes. It is organic, presenting an entirely new vibe.
The group's intentions are a plentiful list of ambitions. A ten-year forecast of Nosredna should show four to five albums, each budding off the creativity and enhancement of the last. Patience and precision will allow "Nos" to complete its plans. Tours will feed the group's love for performing. It places intense emphasis on show development and crowd enjoyment. Every facet of this entertainment is significant.
Welcoming listeners into a world of pleasure, passion, education, amusement, and awareness, music is the gateway. Nosredna opens those gates wider, breaking its hinges until all are exposed to the love and inspiration that music can provide.
As the group matures, its goals begin to materialize and aspirations become more ardent. A childhood pastime has been converted to an art form.
"Music is faith, remedy, passion, and in all aspects, our lives."


Ear Preparation - 2004
Promo CD

Easily Listening - 2004

Set List

Shows usually are 1 set for 15 min to 30min
Songs are usually pulled from our latest album Easily Listening and newer songs that may arise from spontaneous jam sessions.

Selection are based on specific event.

Songs that favorably fall in all set list:
All My...
m. R.