Nostalgia Cult

Nostalgia Cult

 Joliet, Illinois, USA
BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

We are different, it's been said coming from the Chicago music scene, many people like what they hear because it doesn't sound like "now" music in a way, jiggy is what they say, we bring a different twist to modern day Hip-Hop/Rap. Creating Nostalgia for the years to come.


Nostalgia Cult is a team assembled in Joliet, IL that bring different types of arts into the people's field of vision. The majority is music. So far the main two musical members are Maestrx and Neo CxRTX that have been taking stages for years and been hustling and grind to get their art far. They created this "Team" to help beginning artists create their path with the help and tools Maestrx and Neo have. They create everything from short films to High-End fashion trends. They have the dream to create the next fun and creative way to live the dream they've been chasing since they knew of their talents. The grind doesn't stop even if they bail.


Retirement Plan EP (2012)
'Mangled Pt. 2'
'Steve Austin ft. Goofey'

The Jiggy Chronicles EP (2013)
'JiggyERA ft. 6Ringz'
'Mangled Pt. 3 (O.L.M.) ft. Just Leek'

Lust + Lux (TBA 2013)
'Chanel ft. Maestrx'
'K I L L V (Dior)'
'Alexander Wang'

Infamous Infant Freestyles (2011)

I Tried EP (2011)
'She Said'
'Rather Be With You ft. 6Ringz'

The Notebook (2011)
'Fire Bomb'
'I Made Up My Mind'

T.O.D.L. (2012)
'Tron Dog'
'Lost Boys ft. Nehmo, Pyro'
'Secret Handshake'

Extra Major Singles
'Break Fast'
'Power Tripper'
'RXSEGXLD ft. 6Ringz'
'Dreaming Out Loud ft. 6Ringz'

Set List

Varies to audience but we put on a show!