No Stone

No Stone


The No Stone groove makes your head bob combining elements of R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, and jazz. A new sound that you can't wait to get acquainted with.


No Stone was formed in the summer of 2002 when two high school friends Mike Nadal (band leader, writer, sax) and Brandon Merenick (drums), sharing the same passion for the live urban music scene as well as the incredible jazz scene in Toronto, decided to form a band which combined elements of soul, jazz, funk and pop. Both being music majors at Humber College at the time, it didn’t take them long to find a young group of vibrant musicians who were able to lay down the exact sound that was hoped for. The finished product was seven piece band containing a blonde vixen with a show stopping voice (Kirsten Rea), a bassist who’s middle name should be “oh-hell-yah” (Aaron McWilliams), a keys player with an amazing groove (Mark Herrera), an eager and diverse guitarist (Anthony Feliciani), A trumpet player who stunt models for Zoolander (Matt Bell) and of course the two founding members Mike Nadal and Brandon Merenick.

Whether it’s one of the bands original tunes, their own rendition of classic R&B, or an urbanized jazz standard, No Stone knows how to rock the spot. Their sound sets the tone for a great time at whatever venue they play. No Stone has been making heads bob in and around town as headliners or sharing the stage with some of Toronto's hottest and most respectable artists. Chances are if a venue asks the band to play there, it won't be long until they're asking they're asked to come again for a repeat performance. With their crowds gettin bigger, and their C.D in the works, No Stone is just beginning their musical journey with no plans of stopping anytime soon


No Stone is currently working on their first LP which is set for release in summer 2007.

Set List

Typically, the band does a one 45 minute-1 hour set, but has played up to 3 hour shows as a house band for some venues. During the longer nights we do soulful urbanized renditions of classic Jazz standards (Autumn Leaves, Summertime, My Funny Valentine etc.) and a few modern groove tunes (Jamiroquai, Ivana Santilli, RH Factor)