Not About Us

Not About Us


You can't describe this band in 300 characters or less. Not About Us is a high intensity christian rock band staight out of the dirt of Fort Dodge, Iowa. NAU strives to bring you a sound you've never heard before, with a sound you'll never hear again. Can you pass something like that up? No.


In 2006 listening to a recording of NAU would have left you with your eyes bleeding. Actually seeing them? Well let's just move on. Starting out with two outdated acoustic guitars, an ancient P-140 Peavey bass, and a First Act drum set, courtesy of Wal-Mart, NAU thought they were off to a glorious beginning. Playing simple worship songs and recording them on their church's tiny PA left them with their first ever track. The four boys were so excited to hear their first song. They quickly popped it in the CD player. To the boys this song was money, to everyone else in the world, they would have given money to see them quit. Unfortunately, well, fortunately the band split after just a couple months of being together and creating such wonderful music.
However, it was in late 2006 when the four boys were reunited. The outdated guitars, the 100 pound bass, and the Wal-Mart drum set were no longer around. They had all purchased new equipment, and they decided to work on establishing a new sound. NAU began by playing more upbeat music, steering away from the typical worship band sound; however, they kept the same message in their lyrics. New songs kept popping up, and all the sudden... a concert opportunity? No way! The first show went great. Their high intensity on stage drew the crowd closer and closer to them, demanding more music and more chaoticness. All of this left NAU with sky-scraping confidence and they were ready to find more shows. They did just that; playing several different shows in the late summer and fall of 2007. The way they perform on stage, and the message that they carry of eternal life through Jesus Christ has left concert-goers all over the state with a challenge.
NAU’s music is unique. A mixture of hard rock with strong lead guitar, and at times slow melodic rock with smooth bass lines, leaves one with a hard time deciding who the heck they sound like. NAU strives to bring you a sound you’ve never heard before, with a sound you’ll never hear again.
NAU plans to record their first full length record in the summer of 2008, while playing as many shows as possible. All four members of Not About Us know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. That, right there, is their mission: to see people all over the country come to know Jesus Christ through the talents in which God has blessed them with.


A few songs on myspace.

Set List

1.) My Own Depravity
2.) I Can Trust You
3.) Why are you throwing it all away?
4.) The Great Reunion
5.) Jesus, My Jesus
6.) Grace
7.) Warrior King
8.) It should have been me
9.) The Greatest Truth Ever Written

40-50 minute set