Not alive yet_

Not alive yet_

 Venice, Veneto, ITA


Marco (aka Not Alive yet_) is an electronic performer, dj and visual artist, living between London and Venice.

…NAY musique has been reviewed as a psych trip from post-dubstep to electroacoustic soundscapes…

Barely coming up for air between his sampling-mania, loops addiction and Ableton wizardry, NAY is a modern, unconventional sort of DJ, disregarding genre, confounding the purists and playing sets which are expressions of his inner thoughts.

In the early years a Casio CZ-101 and ‘Music Has the Right to Children’ helped him to see far ahead in the music scene. At the college he met a Dominican musician with dub-roots soul and founded Chokkou bin project. One year later, up to increasing gigs demand across Italy and Slovenia, they initiated Blue Beat Room parties, spinning the most experimental tunes in the north-east of Italy and making Trieste a beating heart of future sounds. He was the first vj in town and music absorbed all his energies but not to leave anything to chance, he started hosting international visual artists and soon BBR was a sparkling collective of artists.

In London Marco started “living” music as mindstyle, melting-pot of different influences, moving opposite to the trend, collecting ambient, drone, noise inputs to make brain shake with ass making some efforts to redefine the idea of IDM in the name of bass culture.

NAY is co-founder of Eclectic Collective, still active as VJ and now working hard on his own tracks.