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Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Band Hip Hop Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos




In an industry dominated by males, DJ Traci Steele emerges as a hard hitting DJ and Radio Personality. She hails from the Bronx, New York, Traci landed in Atlanta where she now can be heard on the #1 station Hip Hop station in the “A” Hot 107.9. And just added to the list she is the newset member of Love & Hiphop Atlanta…

Please check her out Hosting the newest mixtape to hit the streets hard by Female artist “Laidi Passhon” – Lady Of The Streets Mixtape-Excutive Produced by Finger ROll for No Tamin Entertainment. -

"Lady of the Streets: Laidi Passhon ~ SheBreathesMusic"

It seems to be as if the rebirth of female emcees has begun. Aside from Nicki Minaj (I mean if she's even still considered a female emcee), you have artists like Nitty Scott, MC, Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks - just to name a few, who it seems have all showed up from out of nowhere to take the rap game by storm.

Then you have Laidi Passhon, a female lyricist hailing out of Gary, Indiana. With her main goal being to influence the lives of people all over the world, she especially hopes to influence women.

"I think the biggest impact will be helping them [women] to be strong through tribulations and work hard for what you want, and believe you can get it."

She has an admiration for artists such as Lil Wayne, Cassidy, Jadakiss and the crowd's favorite, Jay-Z.

"They're talented, business-minded and unforgettable."

Her mixtape, "Lady of the Streets" is due out in May, so be on the look out for that. Until then, check out her track "Back Then. - SheBreathesMusic

"Laidi Passhon – Female Rapper From Atlanta To Break The Mold"

It is well known that Atlanta has been producing an abundance of quality rap artists over the last few years. The style is very distinct from other hip hop scenes and the amount of collaborations and artists helping each other only help the scene grow faster. The latest artist that I came across on the verge of exploding from that scene is Laidi Passhon. -


Still working on that hot first release.




Laidi Passhon is a lyricist, a living expression, and someone whose craft is a treat to starving ears. Growing up in Gary Indiana without the bright lights or fairy tale upbringing, she still was able to dream dreams that were bigger than her. Even back then she was deemed, “The Queen Of The G,” symbolizing she was the hope for a city, and now the entertainment industry. She is ready to not only influence the music you hear every day but the lives of everyday people, especially women.

What she gives to songs comes from what life has given her. Laidi Passhon has a lot to share with others, which can in turn shape their lives. She shares these sentiments on what she feels her female fans will walk away with, “I have a lot that women can relate to, I think the biggest impact will be helping them to be strong through tribulations and work hard for what you want, and believe you can get it.”Artists she respects such as
Jadakiss, Cassidy, Jay-z, Lil Wayne, all possess many of the attributes she has. They’re talented, business minded, and unforgettable. She is molding herself after greatness, but determined to be her own variation of it.

As entertainment continues to change and new female artists emerge, it’s refreshing to find one like Laidi Passhon. Someone who does it for the love of music, takes pride in being a true lyricist, and hopes to motivate someone, somewhere, to be better. Be quiet when a lady speaks, especially in this case, she has a lot to say.