Not Another Word

Not Another Word


"Not Another Word" is a four-piece alternative rock band out of Panama City Beach, FL. We are a swirling blend of fast metal riffs, poppy melodic vocals, hardcore screaming and enough rock to melt your pants off. If you are looking for a band that has it all, look no further.


Not Another Word is a four-piece alternative rock band out of Panama City Beach, FL. We have been together for four years and in that time period have recorded three CD’s. Our latest addition, entitled “Behind Closed Doors”, was released in April 2005 and is available on our website via Paypal. The band formed in the drummer’s garage back in 2002. From winning three straight high school talent shows in a row, to winning 1st place at Club La Vela’s Battle of the Bands in Fall 2004, this is definitely an indication of our evolutionary progression to our new and more mature sound. Also, we ranked TOP 10 NATIONWIDE in the VH1/Paramount Entertainment “School of Rock” MP3 submittal contest. Finally, on January 8, 2005, we received 1st place in the USA Weekend Magazine/John Lennon Educational Tour Bus Battle of the Bands. We recorded a music video of our single “Those Long Forgotten”, from our upcoming release, to be part of an online vote to win the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. This video can be viewed on our myspace( This contest opens up the opportunity of playing this upcoming year’s Van’s Warped Tour. “Those Long Forgotten” is also about to be released on Shuteye Records newest industry compilation “Buzzlighter #13”( We are currently attending FSU and have all of our NEW material written and pre-recorded on Pro Tools for our 4th album to be recorded this coming Summer 2007. (VIDEO HERE)


Those Long Forgotten

Written By: Ben Williams

A thousand thoughts of fallen fathers bleed through my gaze.
The might and force of mother-nature torn from the page.
There were days I doubted life….clouded by the haze.
But now I’ve faltered.


Falling way down
Into the sea
The depth of this pain foretold
So silent and free

A second chance for our redemption formed here on stage
The life and breath of our intentions sung to our graves.
There were days I doubted life….clouded by the haze.
But now I’ve faltered.

Repeat Chorus

Bridge to End

Floating free…they’ve come for me. (They’ve come for me!)
Can’t you see…there’s nothing left in me. (There’s nothing left in me!)


Written By: Ben Williams

This nightmare fills the air and shakes the ground
Disturbing truths awaken to be found
Stains of blood we thought were locked away
Raise the dead who paint our memories

Chorus (they say)

Point us to the way
Lead us to our graves
Bury us in your mind
For all time

Darkness drapes the mind in our worst fears
Hear the voice of death begin to cheer
Shades of black unveil our destiny
Come to life parade our misery

Repeat Chorus


Run away from this place.....let me wake
Run away from this place.....let me wake X4

Repeat Chorus

These Chains That Bind Me

Written By: Ben Williams

The world lies beneath our feet
It gravitates with every beat
And I’m tired…
So tired.

Perceptions change so easily
Blood is spilt but no one sees that
Love’s fire…
Is slowly fading.


Spill your insides
Set me free from
All these chains that bind me…

Hell is there so we can free
All the sins so sworn to be
Our minds.

Hate and love such precious things
Compete in life and only brings
Hard times…
That slowly kills me.

Repeat Chorus


Why can’t you see?
The hate that runs through me.
My heart begins to plea
Will you ever stop choking me?
Why can’t you see?
The pain inside of me.
My heart begins to see
All the ways you torture me.
My heart it starts to bleed.
Whoever said love was sweet?
I’m dieing can’t you see?
These chains are broken free!!!


Why did you wait so long?
The heart knows what’s going on.
Why can they never see?
These chains that bind me.


E.P. #1- "If All Else Fails" (7 songs)

E.P. #2- "An Early Start On A Boring Life" (8 songs)
(many from #2 can be found on: *the truth behind, love was not enough, another day..etc)

E.P. #3- "Behind Closed Doors" (5 songs)

Set List

#1- Only the Start (NEW unrecorded)
#2- These Chains That Bind Me (e.p. #3)
#3- Brood (e.p. #3)
#4- Not Here To Die (NEW unrecorded)
#5- This Pathogen Heart (e.p. #3)
#6- Retreat (e.p. #3)
#7- She's a Maniac (our way 80's cover)
#8- Those Long Forgotten (e.p. #3)
#9- Our Last Goodbye (NEW unrecorded)