Not A Planet

Not A Planet

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Always on tour, Not A Planet is a Kansas City based, indie alternative rock and and roll band delivering hookie sounds and tight harmonies to their eager audience nationwide at festivals, clubs and pubs. Go to for past and present Not A Planet performances.


Traversing the country together since 2010, power trio band of brothers from others, Not A Planet, (Nathan Corsi-Guitar/Vocals, Liam Sumnicht-Drums/Harmony, William Sturges-Bass/Harmony) passionately serves up compelling rock and roll music with balls-out fervor, diversely influenced by catchy 60's pop, east coast indie rock and the foot-stompin' blues of the north.

Road testing sounds from their upcoming release all around the US, performing at festivals, pubs and concert halls, Not A Planet reaches deep to organically connect with their audience. Songs from their 2013 LP 'The Few, The Proud, The Strange' have become a staple on local and national radio stations, and Turn Me On from their 2012 'NAPsack EP' earned them a nomination at the Independent Music Awards, and served as a springboard for their musical direction.

This year is a move forward in the Not A Planet trajectory, gaining ground in new places to new faces, with new material to share. If NAP is not in your earholes now, odds are good they will be soon.