Not By Chance

Not By Chance


Not By Chance is a high energy band whose songs provide an uplifting and introspective view of life. The band's music promotes hope through the redeeming power of God. The band has a carved a unique musical niche by fusing together rock, jazz, pop and blues.


Not By Chance is a band composed of 5 teenagers from Northeastern Wisconsin. The group formed two years ago as a jam band but recently added a singer/guitarist who is the primary songwriter. Not By Chance is influenced by Switchfoot, The Dave Matthews Band and Coldplay. The band's motive is to inspire hope in redemption and to write honest songs about the joys and challenges of life. The boys in the band strive to be faithful and humble, while maintaining a high level of musical excellence.


Beginnings-- Single

Set List

Twisted Poetry
Upside Down
More Today
Weary Days
In Time
Kingdom Come
Victory In Love
Holy Reign

Typical Set-- 45 Minutes