New York City, New York, USA

Genre-shifting genius artist that fuses his rich multicultural music background creating an unstoppable universal sound of Urban Latin,Reggae, R & B, & Pop music, that transcends through any language or cultural barrier.


Offering his works of art to the world, this genre shifting genius is definitely NOTCHur average singer and is the answer that many seeks musically when trying to target this new multi-cultural generation through music; NOTCH says it best I am an artist that is committed to become one of the many musical bridges, connecting cultures of the world together through my music that is derived from my diverse and mixed up cultural backgrounds.

Former lead vocalist and one of the creative force behind the Reggae-Hip-Hop duo Born Jamericans; the dynamic group that is often said, to be one of the pioneers to introduce Reggae to mainstream American in the late nineties; When the group parted ways, When the group parted ways, NOTCH wasted no time perusing his solo career as a solo career. It wasn’t long after he regained recognition atop of the charts with the reggae hit “Nuttin Nuh Go So” on the Buy Out Riddim and created a few notable Spanish fused smash hits such as “Hay Que Bueno” “Verme” "Que Te Pica" and "Dale Patra".

Born into a family of different cultures; Jamaican, Latin, Portuguese, Native America and African American descents, NOTCH’s sound is definitely a musical reflection of his own eclectic multi-cultural background, as well as an artistic evolution where he masterfully fuses genres of music, such as Reggae, Latin, Alternative, Reggaeton, R&B, and Pop to create a sound that is loved and appreciated by everyone. His music introduces a new generation to Spatoinglish a unique combination of Spanish, Patoi (the Jamaican Dialect) and English. This fusion of music has earned him constant airplay and positioned him atop of various urban radio stations; his sound is now building bridges between Caribbean, Latin America, and the USA; crossing into traditional programming lines and connecting with broad audiences in many diverse and urban markets.

With the released his solo album “Raised by the People", debuted #4 on the Billboards Reggae Chart and was also named Billboards the #14th bestselling Reggae Album in 2008. NOTCH drew us closer to him as a multi-dimensional vocalist, taking us on a musical voyage through the limitless universe of music and connecting his fans worldwide with music they can associate with their cultural lifestyles. “Raised by the People” is a multicultural melting pot; it flows from Reggae without the slightest friction and off course Reggaeton to R&B. In “Hay Que Bueno”, “Dale Patra” and “Guaya Guaya” you can hear the clear sounds of Reggaeton; Jah Mexi Cali, Bun Out Bad Mind and No Problema is a clearly the purist Reggae beats, as catchy as its lyrics are melancholic; On Layaway Love and Rosalinda NOTCH showcases the RnB side of him. 

Not wanting to limit himself to just doing solo projects, NOTCH has consistently managed to stamp his mark on the Billboard charts by collaborating with various artist; The most notable, NOTCH was the front man on the Thievery Corporations song “The Richest Man in Babylon” which debuted on the #100 on Billboard 200 charts and was invited to perform the song on NBCs late night talk show Late Night with Conan OBrien. Tapping into his dancehall roots, NOTCH delivery one of the best songs on the classic dancehall riddim “Buy Out Riddim” popularly known as the riddim for Sean Paul song “Like Glue”. He can also be heard on Grammy Award winner Beenie Man’s previously released album, on the track titled “Pure Pretty Gal”, produced by Tony Kelly and on the Kopa Riddim produced by Black Chiney the smashing single “V.I.P. Get Back”.

So what’s next for NOTCH: Switching once again back his Latin roots NOTCH has being busy collaborating with one of Spain’s biggest urban Latin artiste Juan Magan on the reggaeton/mambo song “Chica Latina”. He also can be heard on the song “Fiesta Animal” with Latin Grammy Award-winning Afro-Colombian hip-hop group Chocquibtown, the song appears on the group’s recent album El Mismo. NOTCH also recently team up with Jamaican producer Kurt Riley to record his own Latin/Reggae fused song “Fiesta” as part of the Soca/Latin fused  “Jambien Riddim”. This song is already creating a buzz and was recently used as background music for an ESPN Sport Center broadcast.

In his own words NOTCH sums it up by saying “I have been blessed to be able to do what I love to do, so I will continue to enjoy this musical journey that I embarked upon years ago; whether I am performing in front of an audience or having my music be a part of this online digital music space, I will create music that defies the outer limits and boundaries of traditional music, bringing to my fans and music lovers worldwide, music that they all can associate with their diverse cultural background and lifestyle”.



Current Airplay Buzz:
"My Life" Party Vibe Riddim produced by Ricky Blaze
"Grind and Shine with Us" feat Mr. Easy on the One Day Riddin

"Layaway Love" Featuring Fatman Scoope (Single) 2008- CPC Records
Raised By the People 2007- Cinco Por Cinco Records/Machete Music/ Universal Music Latino
Que Te Pica (Single) 2007 Raised By the People LP 2007- Cinco Por Cinco Records/Machete Music/ Universal Music Latino
Dale Patra- (Single) 2006 Raised By the People LP 2007- Cinco Por Cinco Records/Machete Music/ Universal Music Latino
Hay Que Bueno-Single 2004 Cinco Por Cinco Records
Hay Que Bueno -LP Compilation- 2004-Chosen Few El Documental-Urban Box Office
Pure Pretty Gyal- Beenie Man -Tropical Storm LP 2002 -Virgin Records
Richest Man in Babylon- 2003 (Thievery Corporation ) ESL Music
Amerimacka 2005- The Cosmic Game-(Thievery Corporation) ESL Music
Mira Mira-Featured by Pitbull and T.Weaponz- single-(2004) Defiant Entertainment/I-Tunes
Bailar Reggae -Single 2004-Cinco Por Cinco Records
Bad Boys From PR -2004 Next Level Music/Flow Music/ UNIVERSAL Music Latino
San Pedro- 2004 Daddy Yankee-Barrio Fino -VI Music/UNIVERSAL Music Latino Records
Hay Amor 2004 LoS Cazadores - Platinum Music
Chevere 2005 Featured by Voltio Sony-BMG LP "Voltio"
Estoy Pegao 2005-Self title "CYCLON" -SGZ Ent -Sony Discos
Do the Damn Thang -Single (2005) Featured by Rupee-Lil Kim-Voltio-Atlantic Records

Various Reggae Riddim Driven Complilation -VP Records
Bun Out Bad Mind Drunline Riddim 2007
Nuttin Nuh Go So Buy Out Riddim 2001
Party Hardy Yah Flip Riddim 2001
Gal Factory Renegade Riddim 2001
Gwan Gyal White liver Riddim 2002
Truly Call My Own Tijuana & Sunlight Riddim 2004
V.I.P Get Back Single- 2004 Kopa Riddim-Black Chiney - VP Records

R&B and Pop:
Crazy World-2002 (Reloaded-Rascalz-BMG Canada)
Verme 2005- MAS FLOW 2- MAS FLOW/UNIVERSAL Music Latino

Previous Releases:
Boom Shak-Atak-1993- Delicious Vinyl
Kids From Foreign-1994 -Delicious-WEA
Yardcore-1997 Delicious Vinyl-BMG
Venus - 1998 -I Still Know What You Did Last Summer [SOUNDTRACK] /Warner Brothers
Millineum Jump-1999-Prime Cuts/Delicious Vinyl-BMG

Set List

There is not set Line-UP. The line up will be based on the venue and audience. However below are some songs that would be included in the overall repertoire.

Dale Patra
Que Ti Pica
Hay Que Bueno
Bailar Reggae
Mas De Ti
Ella Se Fue
Bad Boyz From PR
Mira Mira
Crazy ! Tu esta Loco
Quiero Tener Mamasita
Mas de ti
Mi Amor te Quiero
Un Poquito Mas
Ella Se Fue
Set List can also includes covers of Reggae to Latin it depends on the audience.