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"Musical Stylings of Kevin Maney"

USA Today's Kevin Maney is one of the most widely-read technology journalists, and he's penned several tech books. But he has more to say, so he does it in song.



"Digital Life"

June 4 edition

Kevin Maney tech columnist with USA Today has been in China looking at their music industry and how its redefining the music business model, possibly signalling a way forward for the west.
- Radio New Zealand

"Gibson Web site"

“Today’s” Traveling Songwriter: A chat with Kevin Maney

Tuesday, June 07, 2005
By Courtney Grimes

Kevin Maney could definitely be considered “Today’s” Renaissance man. The technology columnist and senior technology reporter for USA Today, Kevin has also written several well-noted works including “The Maverick and His Machine: Thomas Watson Sr. and the Making of IBM” (2003), and the best-seller “Megamedia Shakeout” (1995). “I might be the only technology columnist anywhere who tries to write with a sense of humor,” said Kevin. “I think it’s easier to swallow complex subjects if it’s also fun.

However, Kevin’s biggest love might just be his music. As an amateur songwriter and musician, Kevin has already written numerous songs, and performs live with his Gibson Traveling Songwriter Guitar. “Gibson asked me to try [the Traveling Songwriter] out before it was put on the market,” said Kevin. “As if they had to twist my arm.”

Kevin frequently travels with USA Today, and his guitar is never far away. “I’ve been taking the Traveling Songwriter on any trip longer than a couple of days,” he said. “If I have an evening to kill, I’ll pop into some local open mic night with it. I like the way the guitar feels,” said Kevin. “It’s light and easy to play. It feels something like playing an electric guitar, but the sound that comes out is pure acoustic. So it’s this nice mix of both worlds.”

“The Traveling Songwriter is as much a live-venue guitar as it is a traveling guitar,” Kevin further explained. “I use it to play live locally, too. Plugged in, it’s a nice, comfortable, full-sounding acoustic that gets people’s attention. When I’m in front of an audience, the best part about the Traveling Songwriter is that it looks so unique and so stinkin’ cool.”



Still working on that hot first release.



Kevin Maney and Mark Holmes bring some interesting points of view and musical influences to their fun, catchy yet often poignant music. If you mixed up Steve Earle, AC/DC, Neil Young and Dave Barry, you might get the NotDeadYet sound.

The band is a solid blend of talented, experienced musicians. Lead guitarist Mac Bollman can go from grunge to 50s-style rockabilly. Bassist Phil Hamm and drummer Henry Dudek can lay down a dance-happy beat, dirty blues or grunge.

The songs are informed by the experiences and wit of two creative guys. Maney is a popular columnist, author and TV personality. Holmes is an artist, Web designer and conservationist. Together, they're the world's best songwriting team that's not in the least bit famous.