BandHip Hop

High energy, soulful rap music with a powerful voice that needs to be heard!


As an artist..I am versatile...but I would say that my main focus is street based lyrics and production. My strength as a songwriter is definitely my hook/chorus writing ability. I am very strong and energetic on stage and can keep any crowd captivated unlike most hip hop artists performing live. My influences are 80s soul music..West coast hip hop..and UK underground vibe. I was signed to Sony Music(Loud Records) 2001, but was never released due to the label folding shortly after I signed the single deal.


The single that I recorded for Loud was a song called "Game Peep Game"..that featured one of Krayzie Bone's Thugline artists named LaReece. But again, the song was never released because of the folding of the label.

Set List

The last project that I recorded was my "Deep Cover" mixtape..which is basically me taking well known tracks and writing my versions of the songs. I would be performing 5-10 of these songs(they are very short) well as 2-3 originally produced songs. So, the set would be about 15-20 minutes long..but can be shorter or longer if needed.