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My music is breath of fresh air. It is a different kind of music it is for everyone. Your yougins will love it as well as your grown and sexy.


This artist differentiates himself from other similiar aged mc's through his ability to craft songs without profanity.
Note, a 23 year old mc from the Westcoast started rapping at an early age, soon to discover that he wanted to be part of the game, and not only that but be a significant "part " in the industry,
After years of underground work and recording tracks this young artist, had only one goal, to follow his dream, work on his career, and change the rap game.
Finally finding the right label, and partners to support him, give him the right push, to distribute his music, there was no other way but to sign with "Scream Entertainment". Note began his journey, recording tracks with D/R Period, who produces most of his tracks to this date.
He has been on many mixtapes to name a few DJ Capone, Big Mike, Cut Master Cee and DJ Radio.
He released his first mixtape "Take Notes" hosted by the Drama King Kay Slay", collaborating with artist such as Papoose, Styles P, and Killa Priest.
His mixtape turned out to be a great introduction, as well as prove to the music world that you can be a excellent well respected rap talent, without having to use profanity.
Inspired by rap legends like Ice Cube, Nas, Jay-Z, and KRS one, Note has developed a unique sound, that is not to be defined by the East or West coast.
Note is currently in the studio finishing up his first Album, which is set to release in the first quater of 2007, he will have feat. with BMF's Ent. Bleu DaVinci, and Treysongz, just to name a few.


I am currently working with D\R Period who have produced for many such as M.O.P.'s "Ante Up" Camron's "Hey Ma". D/R is doing the first single for new rap sensation Papoose. I am working with many talented producers such as the Toon Heads, Sam Sneed and D-Miracles and up and coming John Ross. I have also done many mixtapes to name a few K-Slay da Drama King, Dj Capone, Dj Radio, Big Mike, Cut Master C, Dj Hardcore and Dj Diggs. On my mixtape Take NOTES I have a track called Talking Sidewayz featuring Styles P it's playing on Sirrius Sattelite Radio, Shady 45 and a few statons in CT. I also did a joint with Papoose, called Like This. This mixtape sold over15,000 copies. I am currently working on Vol.2

Set List

Take Notes and Man Down. Man Down is on a yet to be released film ( Death B4 Dishonor) soundtrack in 07. Take Notes is 3:30 min and Man Down is 2:50. Both roughly 5 minutes.