Not Elliot

Not Elliot


Not Elliot take the cherry off all the cherry makers of this world - Mine stopping melodic hooks with power pop driven guitars with lyrics to keep you listen. K-A Runchin riffs to complete a Alternative/ power pop / pop punk sounds - see you soon!


Musical influences ? Anybody that can create a great song from there gut! GreenDay, Frank Sinatra, Smashing Pumkins, Black Sabbath, Lenny Kravitz, The Beatles and many more. 2)Our personalities off and on stage is something you can't purchase at a store! Long story short, i meet my guitar player (marcus) at a bar watching the cubs game realizing that we are both musicians and me and my brother (fat and lay) were seeking a new band to get things rolling from our previous band! Thus NOT ELLIOT was created in june of 2004!


first album : sentenced to a let down -
all tracks are radio friendly!

Set List

We do our album or a new song in the making! Sets about 50 mins. long.
sentenced to a let down
bleed to breathe
lost in outer space
here iam
nerd rock
lady in red