Notes Floats

Notes Floats

BandHip HopSoul

Hiphop artist, making my own songs since 93' , performing live since 95', my song "it's a good thing" went worldwide and was featured on the award winningTV show Ideal. Mc, producer, entertainer.. Original. Have been in mags, on cable, in newspapers, blogs, podcasts.. 1 in 7 billion


Born in Atlanta GA., grew up in Houston, now living in Austin. Before i was born my dad would play James Brown to my moms stomach, since birth soul music has been around me. My show is a good vibe, groovin music, comedy, entertaining, loose, creative and original. Have received encores before ;)


warm speakers, undescribable, you name it, the transfer, electric eel and friends, not too shabby, mount gunkmore, big sound.......................

Set List

1. warm up
2. around town
3. simply marvelous
4. there ya go
5. freestyle
6. automatic friends

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