John Watkins Notes + Sounds Band

John Watkins Notes + Sounds Band


smooth,sultry jazz sound lead by a saxophonist with an old soul making new music.


Jazz saxophonist and recording artist “John D. Watkins” and “Notes + Sounds” is a Jazz/R&B instrumental group. Notes + Sounds truly represents that common fabric or thread that unifies all music across many mediums, from traditional Jazz to old school R&B, fusion and pop; music that reaches all generations and age groups from both spectrums. They present an old platform laced with a familiar touch of the new, connecting all genres of music through one unified platform.
John Watkins and his band Notes + Sounds are a very unique group, in that each member of the ensemble represents every generation of music, highlighting the various techniques of the old with the flavor of the new. By blending the old format of years ago with the new format of today, the band is keeping in line with the old traditions of the past, blending it with the new styles of today, capturing the true essence of all music from the past and fusing it with the music of today; thereby coining the mantra, “Notes of the Past, Sounds of Today”.


Warm Ice
In My Soul