Note to Self

Note to Self


The Ann Arbor alternative rock band Note to Self plays indie rock without the requisite weirdness. Using acoustic and electric guitars, creative vocal harmonies, and lyrics like journal entries, they create their polished style that still has a raw edge.


Note to Self are not heroes. They just do heroic things. Have you ever witnessed the birth of a colt during a complete solar eclipse? Seen the aurora borealis through a waterfall on the mighty Amazon? These are but everyday occurrences when set next to the behemoth of an experience that is Note to Self. Men have lived and died without even dreaming of the likes of the emotions that they evoke with wave upon wave of complexity. “Music” is too pedestrian a word to use to describe the ecstasy that they bring with their voices and instruments. And “humble” is too proud a word to describe the attitude with which they work. Their sound transcends who they are, as they have liberated music from the constraints of the simple social constructs which Note to Self are above.

Seriously, though…

Too often music becomes all about the artists and their abilities. Note to Self have no such pretenses. They claim to be nothing other than a group of guys that intensely enjoy good music. To them, trying to make good music is just a natural extension of that. The result is music that speaks to each of our experiences in thoughtful lyrics and passionate performances. The many layers of their songs reveal their broad range of influences and a sound that is uniquely theirs. Ultimately, their goal isn’t to stand in the limelight, but to make music as their day jobs. Because after all, don’t we all strive to do what we love?


Play Dead

Written By: Note to Self

there could be no way out
it could take all i am just to get out
i wait the silence out
and play it in my head before i speak out loud

i can’t let on
play dead and don’t look up
please don’t speak up

there could be no way out
i’m sorting through the words i fight to let out
you turn me inside out
your fingers lock with mine to shake my insides out

there could be no way out
just three simple words we wait to find out
you turn me inside out
and try to force a slip


Written By: Note to Self

can everyone calm down?
can everyone just take a second to breathe?
i’m finally seeing how you could be
the final puzzle piece

i want to go against
everything i knew

i thought i had it down
i was over all the childish messing around
leaping buildings in single bounds
but i have found

i want to go against
everything i knew
but i don’t have the strength
to be that for you
maybe if i don’t move
i won’t have to decide
my choices and failures
won’t have to collide


Written By: Note to Self

do you ever
feel like things are never
going to change?
all you see
is different completely
but you’re still the same?

the road turns white
and the lines disappear
and i can’t see
ten feet from here

driving blind through the snow
might just spin out of control
and i try to stay on the road
might just spin out of control

i remember thinking i was getting out of here
for the rest of my life
i can't imagine i’ll be doing this forever
running out of time

knuckles turn white
as i grip the wheel to steer
and i can’t see
ten feet from here

so let it come down
in this whiteout
and i will learn to live like this now

i've been living my life
only trusting my eyes
maybe what i need
falls from the skies

Nothing Can Stop Us Now

Written By: Note to Self

this day is the first
of the rest of our lives
trust me i'm sure
we’ll make it this time

step into the blinding light
and we’ll prove we were born to fly

nothing can stop us now
until we come back down

there is nothing to hold us down
as we break through the clouds

nothing can stop us now
until we touch the ground

the light will hit us so
there are no shadows
promise me you'll hold tight
and we'll prove we were born to fly

A Thousand Miles

Written By: Note to Self

it’s way too late to think
and as her breathing slows
i am freezing cold
i keep things tongue in cheek
cause lonely hearts get scarred
and fear’s getting old

i could drive a thousand miles

i’d cross the oceans between us
to see you smile back at me
i reach out for safety
you shine like the sea
like a thousand miles

the sky is turning pink
sending purple rolls over hills of snow
and quietly i think
that in your arms i’m not so alone

Already Over

Written By: Note to Self

not sure what i'm trying to prove
maybe that you made a mistake
and you're missing out now
all of this is already over
one of many things that i can't change

i'm feeling so unsure
think i've been here before

i'm backing off i'm holding back
cause there's nothing else that you'll let me do
so i'm trying to grasp where i am
i thought i was getting over you
but i guess i'm somewhere else
and i guess that i had felt
i was further along than in reality

i already know what you'll say
i know your feelings haven't changed
cause i can see it in your eyes
well, neither have mine

it serves as proof that goes to show
that i don't know what i'm doing

and it's harder than i thought that it would be


Whiteout - 9 track EP
Note to Self (self-titled) - 11 track EP

Set List

(over 30 originals and 15 covers to choose from)

example set list:

Already Over
A Thousand Miles
Nothing Can Stop Us Now
Stalingrad 1941
Silent Alarm
Reason for Hesitation

Yellow - Coldplay (bluegrass version)
Africa - Toto
#41 - Dave Matthews Band