Note To Self: Don't Die!

Note To Self: Don't Die!

 London, England, GBR


Note to Self: Don't Die!
From: London, South East England

The band are Claire Banfield and Gerard Rada Nedich.

Claire sings and Gerard plays guitars, bass and drums.

They are a true DIY band. They record their songs themselves, design and build their own website and even sell their songs as mp3 downloads on their website.

They have been compared to Blondie, PJ Harvey and The Breeders although they would say they just write songs that they like to listen to and would hate to be pigeonholed.

Claire is from Bristol and Gerard is from Seattle but currently lives in South London. They record their songs in Gerard's spare bedroom on a cheap Apple Mac Mini and Garageband software that came with the computer.

Even though they have a very basic home studio, they try and infuse their recordings with lots of energy and create a unique sound.

They record a lot so there is always some new crap on their site to download.


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