Not for Profit

Not for Profit

 Evanston, Illinois, USA
BandPopClassic Rock

Not for Profit is a Chicago area band that hosts fundraisers to raise money for charities. Since 2007, we have helped raise over $300,000 for a myriad of charitable organizations. Not for Profit's goal is to play fun music for people that want to have a good time and support a worthy cause.


Not for Profit's goal is to play fun music for people that want to have a good time and support a worthy cause. Our fundraising events have benefitted many organizations, including Little Angels, Cystic Fibrosis, Saving Tiny Hearts Association, Tourette's Syndrome Association, Benny's World, and many others.

We are 11 Chicago boomers, professional types mainly, who love to play the music we love. Most of us had played in rock bands in our youth, but had to put those dreams aside as college, grad school, careers and beginning our families took precedence. But the desire to play was always there. When two of our kids, Patrick Lyons and Kenny Thompson, showed an interest in playing rock and roll, the fathers became not only financiers but roadies. “Why should the kids have all the fun,” we asked ourselves, and the band began.

Like most bands, we struggled with naming the group. Because we play primarily to raise money for worthy causes, and because we have each spent far more on new equipment than we can ever hope to recover, we came up with the name "Not for Profit.” As the band’s name suggests, we’re not in it for the money: we are definitely keeping our day jobs. Just the adoration of our fans is enough! Making people smile and dance and generally feel good works for us. And helping to raise money for worthy causes makes our pastime doubly rewarding: in the last three years, NfP has helped raise over $300 thousand for different charitable organizations.

Not for Profit boasts eleven lead singers, with each band member having their own fortes from the genres of pop, jazz, soul, rock and roll. We have a very ecelctic set list in which everyone can find music they really love. The core band is made up of two guitars, keys, bass, drums and two female vocalists. In addition to the core band, we have our wonderful brass section (the Greedy Blasters) who elevate the music to higher ground.